Allstate-Pence Family Agency

Just like family.


Personal Financial Representative David Pence’s Allstate Agency is a family-owned business, which means he treats his clients like family.

Pence has 26 years of experience in the insurance industry and he works closely with people who need help with coverage for their home, vehicle, life insurance and more.

Pence has a sincere passion to help people in the Savannah community find the coverage they need. Before his clients make an important decision, they get the opportunity to sit down and meet face-to-face with Pence. “I want people to consider me a trusted advisor; they aren’t just buying an insurance policy.” said Pence. “We focus on the entire experience – from the time you walk in the door, until we decide what is right for you. I work with my clients to customize a plan for their needs and budget. If you currently have a policy, we talk about how you came to your decision to purchase the insurance you have and whether it remains best for you.”


“I work with my clients to customize a plan for their needs and budget.”

Pence says often times people aren’t familiar with the insurance they have or even an idea of what type of coverage they need. “I provide an understanding about the type of coverage that is necessary for a person’s particular needs and lifestyle,” said Pence. “My clients matter to me. I want to make sure that their personal assets are protected and they are financially comfortably with their decisions.” 

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