Allstate: James Grusheski

Your personal agent.

As a consumer, one thing we try to avoid is doing business with people who treat us like a number on a spreadsheet. 

We want to be recognized as human beings.  One of the things that makes Allstate Agency owner James (Jim) Grusheski so unique is he knows how to treat his customers.  Jim and his staff go out of their way to build valued relationships with their customers.  They want to be their customer’s trusted advisor when it comes to all of their insurance needs.


The relationship forged with our customers is what makes us different than the cable company or utility company when the bill arrives in the mail.  They don’t know  about your kids,  your job or other personal things in your life that that mean so much to you.  At our Allstate agency, we want to know our customers.  There are many different insurance companies that can offer you coverage, and there are many good agents as well. But at Allstate, and Jim’s agency, they want to provide the best coverage for their customers lifestyle, needs and assets. That’s what Allstate is here to do.

If you have ever stopped in to see Jim for a policy review, you will come away knowing that you are not a number on a spreadsheet.  You will enjoy his warm humor and professionalism and come away knowing much more about your insurance and above all knowing that he and his staff care about you. He is a parent that understands the financial and emotional stresses of adding teenagers as drivers to an automobile policy.  He uses his personal experience to guide him through conversations about what coverages are best for his customers.


“You're in good hands.”


No matter what type of insurance you are looking for, Jim Grusheski lives up to the promise of Allstate’s motto, “You’re in Good Hands.” 

401 Eisenhower Dr., Savannah, GA / 912.352.7620 /