A-Town Getdown 2017 Schedule


Free to all ages from noon until 5 pm

Time and events subject to change
All Day

Starlandia Live @ Indian St. Art Tent (Starlandia Live will be at A-Town reporting and interviewing guests all throughout the day)

12:30 pm

Listening & Ear Impression @ Indian St. Stage (presented by a professional audiologist)
Open Jam @ Warner St. Stage (the annual open jam)

1:00 pm

Savannah Children's Choir @ McGuire St. Stage

2:00 pm

The Billy Jonas Band @ McGuire St. Stage

2:30 pm

Snarky Horns Master Brass Class @ Indian St. Stage (the Snarky Horns draw from years of performance, recording, arranging, and section playing experience to discuss a wide variety of topics, including, but not limited to: Developing a good sound, improvisation playing in a horn section, using effects with pedals with horns, practice techniques and warm ups, clinics will be in question and answer format and catered to a wide variety of audiences)
Annalise Curtin @ Warner St. Stage

3:00 pm

Col. Bruce Hampton @ McGuire St. Stage

3:30 pm

Re-Percussions: Making Instruments from Recyclable Objects @ Indian St. Stage (participate in Billy Jonas's workshop and learn how music can be made *ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, with ANYONE, and ANYTHING!)
Missionary Blues @ Warner St. Stage

4:00 pm

Low Country Voices @ McGuire St. Stage

12:00-5:00 pm

Adobe Arts Lab @ Indian St. (Digital Artists will be sharing skills in Digital Art and Design, sponsored by Adobe)
ArtPort Shuffle @ Warner St. Park (6 artists painting on 6 panels for 30 minutes each. Panels will be up for silent auction with the final bidding happening at the end of the night)
SCAD Ceramics: Slip Printing @ Indian St. Art Tent (the SCAD Ceramics dept. will be giving demos and helping you to create a print using clay slips)
Collabostation @ Indian St. Art Tent (guests are encouraged to pull up a chair and collaborate with the artist in an open "Drawing Jam." We'll provide the supplies, just show up and get down)
Face Painting by Scribble Art Studio @ Indian St. Art Tent (get your face painted and become a fantastical creature or superhero!)
Portrait Post @ Spectrum Park (have a seat for a few minutes and have our talented crew of artists capture your portrait… yes, you can have it)
SCAD Fashion: Fashion Illustrations @ Spectrum Park (strike a pose and the SCAD Fashion Club will capture your likeness in a stylized "fashion" illustration)
SCAD Print: Poster Printing @ Indian St. Art Tent (try your hand at screen printing and create your own one-of-a-kind ATGD poster)
Build A Better World with Live Oak Library @ Spectrum Park (lend a hand toward making the world a better place with the Live Oak Public Library. Each guest will decorate their hand print and add it to the banner, which will be displayed during the summer reading program)
Moonlighting Over A Reflective Savannah: Collaborative Mural @ Spectrum Park (live mural painting where guests are encouraged to come help the artist create a large scale painting)
Emergent Savannah presents: The Music that got us Woke- Mini Dance Party and Fuel for the Revolution @ Warner St. Park (Emergent Savannah wants to hear about the music that woke up the activist in you. And then they want to share that with the rest of the A-Town crowd by adding it to the playlist and creating a "Mini Dance Party and Fuel for the Revolution")
The Enchanted Mansion: An installation by Kristie Duncan @ Spectrum Park (Kristie Duncan's whimsical installation will provide the storybook background for your A-Town photos)
Mix Match Monster @ Indian St. Art Tent (the Jr. High students from Garrison School of Visual and Performing Arts will be hosting a drawing game made famous by the Surrealists, Join in and see what kind of bizarre creatures we can create!)
Ooey Gooey Gluey Yarn Art with Library In Motion @ Spectrum Park (dip yarn into colored glue and then arrange it on paper to create some amazing Ooey Gooey Gluey Yarn Art!)
Slices of Creativity @ Indian St. Art Tent (work on tree trunk slices with a variety of art supplies and tools to create a decorative magnet)


Tickets are $35/General Admission, $25/Student & Military, $95/VIP

Time and events are subject to change

Gesture Jam (coordinating a live performance with models for one of the opening evening acts on stage with her models and performing bands)

5:00 pm

Waits & Co @ Warner St. Stage

6:00 pm

Swamp Cabbage @ Warner St. Stage
J Chambers @ Indian St. Stage

6:30 pm

Marques and the Miracle Workers @ McGuire St. Stage

7:00 pm

Snarky Horns @ Indian St. Stage

7:30 pm

Bobby Rush @ McGuire St. Stage
Jason Armstrong Beck Projection @ McGuire St. Stage
Old Salt Union @ Warner St. Stage
Will Penny Show @ Warner St. Stage

8:30 pm

DJ for Gesture Jam @ Indian St. Stage (DJ OB-1 has been gaining quite the following all over the southeast due to his 25 Shades of Purple Parties, which are all out celebrations of the life and works of Prince)

9:00 pm

AJ Ghent @ McGuire St. Stage

9:30 pm

DJ for Gesture Jam @ Indian St. Stage (DJ OB-1 has been gaining quite the following all over the southeast due to his 25 Shades of Purple Parties, which are all out celebrations of the life and works of Prince)

9:55 pm

Art Shuffle Art Silent Auction Ends (silent auction winners will be announced)

10:00 pm 

Cracker @ McGuire St. Stage