A Smile Tells A Story

Revolutionizing dental implants and crowns with cutting edge technology

Dr. Karen Cooper and the team at Smiles by Design are using groundbreaking technology to change the way dental implants and crowns are placed. They’re using CT scanning technology out of Germany to look at tooth structure down to the micron. “At this point, I would never do an implant without the CT scan,” Dr. Cooper says. “If you don’t have that, you’re guessing by going off of a two-dimensional x-ray.”

Before this technology, dentists were essentially working backwards, putting the implant in first, then determining where the crown would go. “Now, we can seamlessly present where we want the tooth to be,” says Dr. Cooper. She can digitally design the smile the patient wants, and work from there to place the implant where it needs to go.

The technology is less invasive, more accurate, and results in smiles that look and feel natural. In addition to the revolutionary technology, Smiles by Design offers a full range of cosmetic, restorative and family dentistry services. 

About the Doc

Dr. Karen Cooper believes your smile represents who you are. Her meticulous and artistic smile designs harmonize the golden proportions of your facial features, the contour of your eyes, and the tone of your skin — all to bring out a more distinct, younger, and fresher you.
Whether you choose dental implants, cosmetic, or family dentistry, you set your pace while Dr. Cooper patiently and gently overcome your barriers to help make your dreams an affordable reality.
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