A Salute to the Veterans

We will always remember.

It's Memorial Day. Family and friends are gathered. Grills are lit. Fireworks signal the sounds of celebration. Everyone was busy through the weekend distributing dead presidents to ensure their day off is a memorable one. But let's not forget the countless men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may burn our charcoal in the peace and safety of our borders.

It's not enough to just come together for one day to enjoy great hamburgers and hotdogs (I like mine charred, by the way), but to treat this holiday with honor in remembrance. For starters, before sticking your fork (or spork) in that generous helping of Bush's Baked Beans, say a sincere prayer for the families who quietly mourn loved ones who gave their lives for our freedoms. Freedoms that can be so easily taken. 

Even in this country, freedom is taken for granted, as political climate, inequality and social complications take our eyes away from the blessing and beauty we have in this great country. A country that is free to dream, free to live, free to be. Kids can play in the streets, you and I can vacation where we want, when we want (assuming we built up enough vacation days, but you get the idea), we can go to school, to the movies, on a date, get married, go for a short jog, watch TV, play video games, go to the grocery store, vote, all while free.

So, really what I'm trying to say is that our civil liberties, even our basic right to be human, are protected and upheld by our military. They protect our borders. They extend freedom throughout the globe. They give us a sense of safety and bravery. They deserve more than just a day of remembrance and celebration. They deserve a lifetime of reflection, honor and respect. They deserve to be heard and their stories told.


We should learn how to keep Memorial Day alive for more than once a year, everyday even. We honor our fallen when we extend respect to our Armed Forces as well as our fellow Americans each day. This country is filled with citizens that don't look, believe, sound, dress or even love the same. But our military fought and died for each and every one of us. Let's show respect to them by resecting others. So the next time someone cuts you off in traffic, or you see a homeless person, or a child in need, or injustice to someone who doesn't look like you, remember, someone died to protect their freedoms just as they died for yours. 

So while (or after) you fire up that grill, slap mustard on that hotdog and let off those fireworks, reflect on what you can do to honor those who died so you can enjoy this Memorial Day.