A North Carolina company and Peter Facinelli teamed up for this awesome cause

For those who may not know, September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Nic Tailor, a men’s custom underwear designer from North Carolina joined up with Actor Peter Facinelli and the Prostate Cancer Foundation to raise awareness about the disease and promote early intervention practices.

Nic Tailor, based in the South, makes customized underwear for men based on a variety of factors that make old-school small/medium/large sizing obsolete. Accounting for 21 waist sizes, groin and “buns” sizes, style preference and more, Nic Tailor has revolutionized the undergarment industry – and all products are made in the USA. They use high-quality materials for an affordable price.  Not only is this Southern company revolutionizing the undergarment game, but they are also setting a philanthropic standard in the industry.

Nic Tailor underwear –  black trunks


Prostate Cancer awareness is a mission close to Actor Peter Facinelli, as both his father and uncle were diagnosed with it. In teaming up with Nic Tailor and the Prostate Cancer Foundation, Facinelli is able to lend his tremendous reach and platform to shine a brighter light on the cause. Prior to the campaign, Facinelli’s new movie, “The Vanished,” hit theatres and is now available on demand/streaming. The film is set in the woods of Alabama, not far from Tuscaloosa, where a couple’s daughter mysteriously vanishes upon embarking on a family camping trip, triggering a domino effect of mysterious thrills sure to intrigue and horrify. Facinelli wrote, directed and co-starred in the feature.

Peter Facinelli in Nic Tailor. Photo by: Ben Cope @Ben_cope


Nic Tailor and the Prostate Cancer Foundation are working hard to reduce the stigma around the prostate cancer conversation and testing by spreading awareness through a social media campaign. Participants can post a photo to Instagram in their underwear (can be sexy, funny, or anywhere in between) and tag @prostatecancerfoundation and three friends with the hashtag #NicTailorNoPants to call attention to the issue. In addition to awareness campaigns, Nic Tailor is donating a portion of sales from September through November to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Their funding, partnership and social media initiatives are the perfect way to show support and get involved in Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. To snag your own customized pair (or a comfortable undershirt) visit NicTailor.com . Stay tuned for South’s October/November Power & Style Issue for more content featuring Nic Tailor.