"A New Era" for Nashville: Kelby Costner

Lore Entertainment is proud to announce, what they are calling a new era for Nashville, the artistic talent's of Kelby Costner and his band. From the small town of Lincolnton, North Carolina, this old soul is a fresh face for the Tennessee music scene. 

With a deep country spirit and traditional upbringing, Costner writes from within his gold mine of heritage and beliefs. Growing up on a farm, his dad and grandfather taught him valuable skills that would lead the way to becoming his own southern gentleman. Though his family loved country music and good music in general, Costner was not born into a musically-gifted environment.

In fact, he didn't realize his own full potential until the age of 19, when he decided to pick up his old guitar after years of neglect. He thought his future would be consumed by greasy hands and metal tools, as automotive mechanics was his passion on the surface. He never truly believed he would start making a living in music. But with a leap of faith and a little push from his family to upload home videos of him singing to YouTube, six years later he's now about to release his first full length album.

As he wraps up his time in the studio, fans can expect his full debut album to drop June 30, 2017. 

This summer he released his single "Hold On". It was written a while back in Costner's time, but giving it a second look, he remembered how much he loved it. With a little tweaking and a new melody, the track is ready for listeners to capture the meaning and feel the power behind his words. Written about a guy who hasn't found the "one" he's suppose to be with, but knows she's out there somewhere, he reminds her to stay put because he's coming for her as fast as he can. Don't give up – but "Hold On".

The album features other tracks such as "Thanks to my Mistakes" which turns listening to a song into an intimate affair, as he gets real from a place of hardship and pain. "That's Just Me" is more high spirited but still brings you involved with the emotion. He continues to show his talent of sharing personal stories in captivating ways with "My Grandpa", a tale of how his late grandfather, Waymon Hooper, shaped his life.

From heartbeat ballads to fun rockers, Kelby Costner has poured his time, energy, and soul into his debut album for the world to hear. He hopes to have a little something for every type of listener and promises a live performance you will not forget. You'll soon discover the deep, traditional county voice as the staple of his sound. If you want to know more, you can check out Kelby Costner's Facebook page for upcoming events and more information. 

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