A New Collection Is Headed to Belk Stores This Spring!

The classic Southern department store gets a hint of Savannah’s favorite Bohemian in spring of 2017.

Emily’s outfit is an exclusive piece from her collection that will be sold at Belk in Spring 2017.


While the stereotypical “Southern style” has become cemented as preppy and printed; there are still those that retain their original Southern roots while adapting a Bohemian, or unorthodox, vision of what true Southern style means to them.

Emily Bargeron, the owner of Mamie Ruth in Downtown Savannah, is one of those freethinkers. This is why when Bargeron was announced the winner of Belk’s 2016 Southern Designer Showcase, no one was remotely surprised. 

“I think I won the contest because I had a different take on Southern Style that was fresh and creative,” notes Bargeron. “What I think stood out to Belk’s judges was the bigger picture of Southern style that our brand stands for. Mamie Ruth’s brand tends to align with what’s happening nationally rather than just regionally.”

This Southern Bohemian got her start in fashion by simply being fashionable. She would make her own clothes to wear to music festivals and around town. People took recognition of her look and asked her to replicate her unique style for them to wear. 

“The first boutique I sold my designs to was here in Savannah: Red Clover Boutique on Bull Street,” remembers Bargeron. “It just spread from there; from one boutique to 60 stores and now the Belk account.” 

Belk has 300 stores scattered throughout the South. Bergeron’s designs, as winner of the Belk 2016 Southern Designer Showcase, will appear in 20 of Belk’s most prominent, high-end locations including Savannah, Atlanta and Charlotte with orders from the corporate buyers that could reach in the hundreds of thousands of pieces. 

“I grew up shopping at Belk, it was a partial influence in my original style. To be able to go back to the department store and see my designs will be extremely cool.” 

Shop Mamie Ruth’s collection in Belk stores beginning spring 2017. For now, there are still exclusive pieces in her Savannah boutique that you won’t find at Belk; a gospel for the die-hard style aficionados of the Southern fashion line.

Stop by her shop at 107 W. Liberty St or shop online at mamieruth.com


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