Anyone can do traditional favorites, right? Lowcountry boil, shrimp & grits, typical Southern fare. However, a.Lure’s spin on the traditional is refreshing and creative.

We call it the new old standbys. “It’s classic dishes, turned on their heads,” said a.Lure’s Samantha Ortenzi

The result? A radically delicious approach to contemporary Lowcountry cuisine, infused with gourmet flair.  This blend of old and new is the perfect counterpoint to the decór. Classic Savannah architecture encapsulates a hip sophistication with an old-fashioned dedication to service that never goes out of style.

With seafood from Savannah, Florida, and the Carolinas—local lives here. Carnivores will delight in our steak, pork, and chicken that is locally sourced, natural, grass-fed and hormone-free. Perfectly complementing what Ortenzi calls “A dining adventure” is an inspired cocktail menu including the award-winning Ginger Skyline made with Virgil Kaine Ginger-Infused Bourbon.

•  300 West Congress, Savannah, Ga. • aluresavannah.com, 912.233.2111