A Custom Revolution

Back in 2004 Elisha Argentinis was pregnant with her first child and in serious need of a crafting outlet. She first started holding scrapbooking classes in her home and when a friend suggested metal stamping she felt like she had finally found her “thing”.  Her husband, Andreas, having previously worked for Priceline when they went public, caught the entrepreneurial bug and was looking for an outlet as well. After selling her stuff on Etsy for a while, Andreas started noticing a deficiency in the market: truly custom modified jewelry. The Argentinis’ realized that they could create incredible modified jewelry based on a true free form design that would let the customers have most of the creative control. But how? What you need to know about the Argentinis’ is that they are complete self-starters. Neither of them had any formal training in jewelry design they are completely self-taught.  As orders came in they got requests for things they never tried before but instead of saying no, they decided to learn how to do it and with that they added more and more to the quality and craftsmanship of the brand.  

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