9 Reasons Why PS Tavern is Your New 'Local Tavern Away from Home'

No matter where you are in the world, be it basking under the bright lights in a big city, or living the simple life in the woods, a change of scenery is sometimes just what we need to keep ourselves entertained.

For business owner’s Scot and Paisley Minshall, a hop, skip and a jump from west to east put the perfect number of miles between their life in Denver, Co. and their fresh start in the Hostess City. Since the move, the Minshall’s took on the project of transforming an uninviting hole-in-the-wall into an authentic, casually comfortable, sports bar.  And shall we say, they have succeeded on all accounts.    

Here are 10 reasons why you should designate PS Tavern as your new “local tavern away from home”.  


1. Friendly Staff

A dining experience is only as pleasurable as those who provide it.  The men and women at PS Tavern will gladly serve up whatever your heart desires, paired with a warm smile – no extra charge.


2. Top-notch Food with a Twist

Their twists on local favorites give your tastebuds a chance to break away from traditional pub fare items.  Buffalo-style shrimp over deep fried grits…is your mouth watering yet?


3. Karaoke Saturdays

When has belting out your favorite tunes with your favorite people ever been a bad decision?  Spend the best night of the week letting out your inner Britney Spears or Garth Brooks with a beer in one hand and mic in the other.


4. What the Buck Mondays

We know Mondays are internationally known as the most hated day of the week, but yours don’t have to be!  At PS Tavern Mondays mean any drink under $7 is full price, then your second one is just a $1. “Buck yeah!”


5. Tequila & Tacos

Pair a $6 margarita with some of PS Tavern’s delicious street tacos, your choice of mahi mahi, buffalo chicken, or blackened shrimp.


6.  TVs

Football season is almost here! And there’s nothing worse than missing your teams First Take worthy touchdown. PS Tavern’s numerous entertainment systems allow for easy viewing of your favorite sports teams during their greatest victories!


7. Pickle Shots

Pickle juice and vodka may sound like a bizarre combo, but don’t knock it ‘til you try it!


8. Adult Snow cones

You read that right. PS Tavern will be selling Alcohol-infused snow cones to cool down their customers in this coastal humidity.


9. Something New

We all have our go-to spots downtown, but sometimes a night out routine can get a little too, well, routine. Squeezing PS Tavern into your bar hop itinerary is a great way to experience new food, make new friends, and call dibs on making PS Tavern your newest tavern away from home.   

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