9 Reasons to Attend the 9th Annual DineSouth

DineSouth is a blast every single year, so what makes this year so special?

Aside from being a culinary carousel showcasing the South's best restaurants, dishes, food creativity, and culture, DineSouth is a party; and one of the best ones of the year at that.

There is so much fun and excitement around every corner that it was hard to narrow it down to just nine reasons (but hey it's the ninth year so nine just had a nice ring to it). DineSouth is coming to the Savannah Station on Thursday, October 6 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. 


1. The Rock Wall

DineSouth rock wall

What other party has a rock wall smack in the middle of it? Whether for the kids or the kid inside you, the Rock Wall presented by The Boy Scouts is the perfect way to let your inhibitions fly. Climb to the top (if you can make it) for a unique experience unlike any other. 


2. The South's Greatest Restaurants

DIneSouth tequila's town

We've assembled over 30 of the best restaurants and chefs in the South to serve up some of their most popular dishes. Have you been itching to try that new pub on Broughton? Or maybe you'd love to get a taste of Alligator Soul? They'll all be there serving delectable dishes, allowing you to try the best they have to offer before you even get to the restaurant. We've got everything from pub fare to upscale dining and everything in between. 


3. The Entertainment

The bands at DineSouth are always killer, but this year we've got one of Savannah's favorite local acts: Tell Scarlet. This family band can cover anything from Led Zeppelen to Justin Timberlake, and their stage presence is unmatched by any band in the region. To read a bit more about Tell Scarlet click here!

In addition to the band, the Stardust Pixxies will be wowing the crowd with fire breathers, acrobats, and all sorts of circus-inspired dances. You won't want to miss their performance. It is nothing short of spectacular!


4. The Food Trucks

dinesouth food trucks chazitos

Did y'all hear? Food trucks are now legal in Savannah! To celebrate, we've collected some of the tastiest trucks in town to set up at DineSouth. From Chazitos to Psycho Circus, you'll be impressed with the culinary mastery on wheels these local entrepreneurs have accomplished.


5. The Alcohol

dine south bar

If a $35 ticket could get you all the food and beer and wine you could ever imagine would you buy one? Hell yeah you would! In addition to unlimited food from some of the best restaurants in town, the bar will be open all night thanks to Savannah Distributing. They'll be serving beer and wine in the general admission area, and a full open bar for the VIPs. Upgrade to the VIP section for only $100 a ticket. 


6. The People


Besides the food and the alcohol and the band and the dancers, the main entertainment at every DineSouth is the people! We bring together the best in local businesses, friends, and clients. From the interesting people who grace the pages of our magazine to the local celebrities that characterize our town, they all love coming to DineSouth. It's the perfect place to network, meet new friends or catch up with old. You never know who you'll see at DineSouth, but that's part of the fun!


7. The Party

dine south party

When it comes down to it, DineSouth is the best party of the year. The anticipation has been killing us for the past nine months and now that it's almost here, we can barely contain ourselves. No where else will you see the culmination of the South's greatest food, drinks, entertainment, and people, all in one night. It truly is a spectacular that can only be experienced to believe.


8. The Food

dine south food

Have we mentioned the food yet? As we mentioned before, DineSouth is a culinary carousel like you've never seen before. Each of the best restaurants in town will set up a booth where you'll be able to sample some of the best dishes their chefs have to offer. There's no other event in town that brings Savannah's best culinary scene together. The flavor explosion is enough of a reason to head to DineSouth this year.


9. The Cause


You didn't think we were doing all this for nothing did you? Of course not! All the proceeds from DineSouth benefit the Rape Crisis Center of the Coastal Empire. This means ticket sales, the silent auction, VIP upgrades, and more go to help strengthen our local community. 


So you get to eat, drink, and be merry all for a local cause? That's reason enough to buy your tickets to DineSouth today. Head to DineSouth.com to purchase and we can't wait to see you there!