8 Things to Do in Liberty County Before Summer Ends

With the minutes slowly ticking away at the last days of summer, we’re sure your family is looking for ways to take advantage of the little bit of time left!

School starts this week for Liberty County and with it will be reminding the kids to do their homework, after school sports, clubs and activities, telling the kids to stop putting off their homework, high school football games, late night phone calls with their besties (do kids even call each other anymore?), threatening to take away that cell phone if they don’t do their homework, laundry, making lunches and hopefully if you’re lucky they’ll actually do that homework….at some point, probably on the bus to school the following morning.

Needless to say, capitalize on these last blissfully uneventful days before the routine kicks back in and you find yourself googling how to do fractions so you don’t look stupid in front of your fifth grader.

Go have some fun!


1. Head out to Bryant Commons and fly a kite. 

Or head to James Brown Park and play Frisbee Golf. Walk around the park and chat with your kiddos as you take part in the fun activity, you’ll get a little exercise, too!


2. Take a nap in a hammock.

This will be a sure-fire favorite for the teenagers! Sometimes the best way to spend time as a family is to just kick back and relax. Grab a hammock or porch swing and sit and listen to the crickets chirping while the evening slowly becomes night. Matter of fact, we think we might try this one out ourselves!


3. Go fishing!

Liberty County is full of good fishing spots that would make for the perfect afternoon. Grab a cooler full of minnows and see what you reel in.


4. Read a book!

Everyone can enjoy a good book. Visit the library and check out the latest novels before the mandatory science and history reading begins.


5. Play in the rain!

As I sitting typing this blog it’s pouring, just like it was this time yesterday and the day before that and the day before that. An afternoon rain shower is all but guaranteed in coastal Georgia this time of year. Throw on a rain jacket and head outside for some frog hunting and puddle jumping fun the littles are sure to enjoy.


6. Take a road trip and make a day out of exploring your own community.

Whether you choose to plan out a route or be spontaneous this is a great way to spend the afternoon. Visit places in Liberty County you’ve never been from museums to hidden dirt roads. Just get in the car, put on your favorite tunes and see where the road takes you.


7. Have a picnic!

We all know the never-ending parade of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches is right around the corner, have one last “hurrah” before that with supper outdoors!


8. Watch the stars!

Just like sitting in the hammock, there isn’t a whole lot to star gazing. All you’ve got to do is just throw a blanket on the ground and look at the stars.

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