7 Must-Try Paranormal Tours

The great mysteries of the beyond lie a little bit closer to the surface of the living world in the South. 

Boo Y'all

Savannah’s Chris Davison has been honing his craft as a stand-up comedian for more than a decade at venues throughout the city and all across the Southeast. But with his latest gig, serving as the emcee for Old Savannah Tours’ Boo Y’all Comedy Ghost Tours, he’s bringing a new definition to the phrase “killing it” on stage.

Davison’s humor guides guests 21 and up through the moonlit streets of Savannah, stopping at the usual haunts to crack a joke and show the lighter side of the city’s darkest tales. For a comedian whose jokes rely heavily on storytelling, it was a match made in heaven. “The inside scoop on ghost stories is that they all started around a campfire at some point.”

“Every turn we make there’s something related to history or ghost stories, but the jokes stem from the culture of living in Savannah,” added Davison. So, if you’re a St. Patrick’s Day beer chugger, a hipster SCAD student or a deep-fried redneck, expect a few light-hearted jabs your way.

But no matter who you are, expect one of the spookiest tours that will ever leave you in stitches. Just don’t die laughing, or you may find yourself as one of the stops on the next tour. oldsavannahtours.com


Afterlife Tours Savannah

Ryan Dunn, founder of Savannah Ghost Research Society and author of “Savannah’s Afterlife: True Tales Of A Paranormal Investigator,” leads a spine-tingling tour of Savannah’s haunted hotspots. Along with stories that will put a chill in your bones, you’ll learn  the history behind each stop, adding context to that gnawing fear in your gut. afterlifetours.net


Bonaventure Cemetery Tours

Even in broad daylight, walking through Bonaventure Cemetery can make the  hairs on your neck stand. Visit at night, and you’ll discover an entirely new dimension of terror as you stalk among ancient headstones, trying to convince yourself you didn’t just see one move. Equal parts informative and terrifying, this tour revels in one of Savannah’s scariest settings. bonaventurecemeterytours.com


Genteel & Bard’s Famous Savannah Ghost Encounters Tour

The walking tours that have made Genteel & Bard ambassadors of Savannah take a bone-chilling turn on their Famous Savannah Ghost Encounters Tour. Dare you join them for a journey into the ghastly dark side behind the city’s elegant façade? Oh yeah, you should dare. You should definitely dare. genteelandbard.com


Hearse Ghost Tours

If there’s anything more bone-chilling than visiting Savannah’s ghostly sights after dark, it’s visiting them in a real hearse, used for more than 15 years in actual funeral services. As you take in all the terrifying tales of Savannah’s haunted history, try not to think about how many of them once enjoyed a ride in the very vehicle you now occupy. hearseghosttours.com


The Original Creepy Crawl Haunted Pub Tour

What’s better than scaring yourself silly with tales of Savannah’s haunted history? Doing so while enjoying a bit of a buzz. That’s what makes this haunted pub tour so special – two and a half hours of bar- hopping, ghost-chasing fun that will leave you thrilled, chilled and just slightly gilled. savannahtours.com


Shannon Scott's Dinner & A Cemetery

One of Savannah’s most gifted storytellers, Shannon Scott makes history come to life through his compelling stories informed by his encyclopedic knowledge of the city. There isn’t a secret Savannah holds that Scott doesn’t know, and his charm and wit in the telling make each tale like being let in on the secret.

With his Dinner & A Cemetery event, he’s taking his flair for spinning yarns and using it to highlight some of the city’s darker tales. This private group tour of Bonaventure Cemetery revels in the little details that few know like Scott – secret symbols carved in grave markers and headstones that speak to clandestine histories, areas where Gullah root magic once held sway. Adding to the experience is the dinner marked by a Q&A session and cuisine from one of Savannah’s many famed restaurants. shannonscott.com

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