6 Wedding Tips for Saving Money on the Big Day

6 Wedding Tips for Saving Money on the Big Day

Summer is in full swing, which means wedding season is, too. If you’re beginning to plan your big day, you’ve probably come to terms with how expensive it’s going to be. From flowers to food—and who could forget that incredibly overpriced venue— it’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed at the cost of your wedding day.

But while the average wedding costs $30,000, yours doesn’t have to—not if you create a savings strategy, that is. In this post, we’re giving you 6 tips to help you save money on your big day, from DIY décor to budget-friendly catering options.

1) Opt for a more casual theme

Good news brides: ultra formal weddings are practically a thing of the past when you take a look at modern wedding Pinterest inspiration. Say goodbye to stuffy wedding halls, white table runners, and cloth napkins—and hello to simple-but-chic tablescapes with mix-matched accents.

Bohemian, rustic and country-inspired weddings are all the rage right now and lucky for brides and families, it’s a relatively cheap trend to cash-in on. Instead of having individual (aka expensive) tables, you can choose a rustic single table for a whimsical family style dinner that you and your guests will marvel over for years to come.

As for the venue, an outdoor or non-traditional space is often less expensive and all the more dreamy for wedding shots—more on that later.

Finally, your guests will appreciate the casual atmosphere and enjoy not having to wear overly formal outfits when they’re trying to hit the dance floor.

2) Get creative with bridal party looks

It’s no secret that the bride’s look is one of the biggest expenses incurred when planning a wedding. But, if you’re creative about your options, you can most definitely find a dress and accessories that will look just as stunning as a high-end designer dress would.

The dress

Budget aside, feeling confident and gorgeous in your dress is an absolute must on your wedding day. Afterall, all eyes will be on you. But a ravishing dress doesn’t have to mean damage to your honeymoon fund. You can find plenty of wedding dresses online from popular brands such as Anthropologie and Reformation, and they come at surprisingly reasonable prices! Anthropologie’s line, BHLDN, has boho and minimalist dresses priced from $200–$2,000 so any bride is sure to find something that suits their style and their budget.

The accessories

As for accessories, simplicity is key. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on heels you’ll inevitably take off at the reception, opt for a pair of wedding flats — perfect for walking down the aisle and getting down on the dancefloor.

For jewelry, try to keep things minimal if you want to stay within the realm of your tight budget. Here’s a tip: there’s no need to go out and buy new things if you have a sentimental necklace or bracelet to compliment your look!

3) Print your own invites

Wedding invites are always a treat to receive in the mail, but the reality is, they’re not permanent. And the harsher reality is…eventually your wedding invites will likely get covered up on the fridge, or worse, make their way into the recycling bin.

Rather than spending your budget on paper invites, go digital with your save the dates and/or your wedding invitation. You can even customize your online wedding invites with your engagement photos, so what’s the hold up?!

4) Get married in the “off-season”

Just about every wedding venue and vendor has a peak season in which prices rise and planning becomes even more chaotic. Hint: it’s typically spring and summertime. Not only will getting hitched in the off-season save you money, but it’s often a less stressful process, too. Less weddings going on = more time planners and vendors have to attend to your needs.

5) Consider unique venue options

Hotels and wedding halls tend to get pretty pricey, consider these unique wedding venue options for originality and budgeting points:

  • Vacation rental
  • A national or regional park
  • Your home

6) Go for casual catering

Lastly, the food. It’s arguably the most important part of your big day—as far as your guests are concerned—but it’s also one of the most expensive. Instead of a five course formal dinner, go for a more casual scene and choose a few local food trucks to help cater your big day.



Wedding planning doesn’t have to be so expensive and stressful. Go against the grain with these money-saving wedding tips.