5 Ways to Beat the Heat in Liberty County

These summer temperatures are through the roof and the humidity doesn’t do anything but make it worse!

We’ve found ourselves fanning each other and taking turns in front of the air vent more than once the last few weeks and don’t see it getting better any time soon! If you’re like us, you’ve probably been planning your day around avoiding the sweltering heat. (If you’ve managed to accomplish this while still getting things done, please let us know!) All this heat has got us to thinking what we’d rather be doing than running around hot and sweaty, and we hope you can catch a break from the muggy heat wave going through coastal Georgia with these tips!


1. Head to the water!

Now this one’s a no brainer, but it’s a favorite so we’ll share it! Liberty County is home to one of Georgia’s barrier islands Saint Catherines. The beach makes for a great weekend trip with your family and friends that is sure to cool you off! If you can’t make it out the beach, grab your kayak and head to one of the many creeks and rivers! Load up a cooler and put on your bathing suit, you’ll be sure to take a dip after paddling for a little while!


2. Make a pitcher of sweet tea.

Who doesn’t love a good glass of sweet iced tea?  It’s one of our favorite ways to quench our thirst on a hot summer day. Whether you like it super sweet or not, you’re sure to cool off with a glass of it during these scorching summer months. Make it a special treat and add in some fresh cut peaches and splash of bourbon. If the tea’s not cutting it for you, try our sweet tea pops! These are the perfect treat for the youngins’ too!


3. Sit on the front porch swing.

Our front porch swing at the historic Bacon Fraser house is a favorite stop for all visitors to Liberty County, but that doesn’t mean the locals can’t partake, too! Y’all come by and swing a while, we’d love to chat with you about what’s going on.


4. Grab some shade under a Live Oak tree and watch the sunset.

I know you’ve seen the amazing sunsets we have on the coast, and if you haven’t shame on you! Throw a blanket down and take in the view. Just about any dock at the east end of the county has a great view and Bryant Commons doesn’t disappoint either. Once the sun drops behind the tree line, hang out while the stars come out.


5. Make a summer salad.

Chilled Succotash Salad via Southern Lady Magazine.

One of the blessings of the summer is fresh vegetables we get at the farmers market. Ripe tomatoes and crisp cucumbers make for a cool summer snack or side dish to any meal. Hit up the Hinesville or Riceboro farmers market and score some fresh fixin’s for a mouth-watering salad.


(Surprise! We’ve got a bonus idea for you…and it’s a freebie!)

6. Put on a hat!

Shading your noggin’ always keeps the sun out of your face and the heat at bay. We practice this one a regular basis in our office, and it doesn’t hurt we’ve got those super cute Liberty County hats! Want one of your own to wear? We’ve got you covered! Click here and fill out the form, and we’ll send you a free hat to help you beat the heat!

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