5 Valentine’s Day Gifts to Keep on Your Radar

Just as we wrap up the gift giving season and put a bow on the 2019 festivities, another holiday starts to creep around the corner: Valentine’s Day. 

In just about a month, we celebrate love with our partner and renew commitments of devotion for the year ahead. Even though your bank account might feel drained from all the recent Christmas shopping, you should still make a point to gift your beau with a trinket of affection that shows how much you care. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture! Even small or homemade gifts speak volumes in terms of thought and sentiment. The key to picking out a great present is to be proactive, not reactive, about your search. That way, you can get creative or crafty rather than settling for left-over stock or last-minute gift cards.

Here are a few gift ideas you might want to keep on your radar as we get closer and closer to Valentine’s Day. Stay one step ahead of the curve and save yourself stress in the upcoming weeks to follow!

1. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Give the gift of adventure this year by setting up a fun scavenger hunt or treasure quest! The two of you will have a total blast as your babe deciphers different hints that lead you to one location after the next. Start by sending the best flower delivery to his or her home or office that contains the first set of instructions regarding where and when to meet. Every location you plan on your list should relate to your journey in some way or another, whether it’s the place you first met, shared your first kiss, or made memories in one way or another.

We suggest documenting your stops along the way with a polaroid camera so you can put together a story book that illustrates the many chapters of your love.

2. Commission Custom Artwork

Nothing says “sentimental” more than a custom piece of art or jewelry. These types of gifts are guaranteed to deliver the wow factor since they mean that time and forethought were put into a present, rather than grabbing the last stuffed teddy bear and box of chocolates off the shelf.

There are so many options you can choose from when it comes to how you want to say “I love you”, including everything between a star map of the exact night sky as seen from the location of your first date, to personalized jigsaw puzzles you can piece together until it forms your favorite photo. While many of these gifts can cost quite a bit, sites like Etsy make it easy to connect with artists who offer custom handmade items for under $20, like an engraved wine bottle or embossed wallet.

3. Make a Video Montage

This gift is perfect for the love that lasts a lifetime. You can compile a montage of the video clips you’ve personally filmed over the course of your time together, or you can include all the loves in their life by asking friends and family members to send a quick little blurb about how highly they revere your beau and what makes them so uniquely special.

4. Plan a Play Date

Silly and fun-loving couples will have a blast returning to their child-like selves with this Valentine’s Day idea! Turn back the clock and make your partner a desktop mailbox like the ones you’d make in grade school for the classroom V Day party—except this time, you’ll fill his or her box with handwritten Valentine’s cards that touch on all the many reasons you love them so very much.

You can build a fort or teepee large enough for two adults to sit in comfortably and play old-school boardgames, or set up some blankets outside and snuggle up to each other while you tracing the constellations with your fingers.

5. Shop Seasonal Sales

We know that getting clever and crafty might not be for everyone, so here’s some advice for the certified shoppers who prefers the ease of a material present: make sure to take advantage of upcoming seasonal sales to score the best savings!

From Christmas overstock to President’s Day markdowns, you can find savings on everything from Valentine’s Day sweets to designer fashion and more!

At the end of the day, the thought counts more than anything else, and your guy or gal will feel grateful for your gesture—no matter how big or small.