5 Traits of Southern Hospitality

As a child, I often thought southern hospitality was just something people from the North talked about, or older women cross stitched on pillows. I honestly, never thought it was a real “thing.” 

After I graduated from college and got married, my husband and I decided we’d like to try living on the West coast for a while.  It was a truly magical time we’ll never forget. I was able to experience what people who aren’t from the South call “winter” (haha!), I saw the Pacific Ocean and even fed a sea lion.

The one thing I didn’t experience the entire time I was away, was some good ole’ fashioned southern charm. I finally learned what southern hospitality was when it wasn’t there at all, and believe me it is a very real “thing”. These small acts we make every day and think nothing of are ones to keep alive and well in your life in Liberty County.


1. Speaking to strangers. 

No Southerner truly ever meets a stranger, just a friend we haven’t met yet.  Whether you’re passing someone along the road or reaching for the same box of grits in the grocery store, we Southerners can make friends anywhere.  Striking up a conversation is a simple as a friendly smile, and the next thing you know you’re fast friends with a lunch date planned for next week.


2. Using your manners.

Whether your 6 or 36, you will always benefit from being polite.  In a world where we’re often too rushed to show respect for each other, saying “thank you” and “please” will take you a long way!  A Southerner will always use their manners.


3. Writing thank you notes.

It’s a simple gesture that takes a total of five minutes but is rarely done these days.  I will never forget the stern “talking to” I received after I didn’t write thank you notes for my high school graduation gifts.  Believe me, it was the first thing I did after I got married.  The first!  Don’t be like my 18-year-old self, and take the time to say “thank you” in written form.  It’s a small gesture that makes a world of difference.


4. Taking food to someone in need.

This is always a big one!  Whether it be a new baby or a loss in the family, taking a home cooked meal over to family in need is one of the kindest acts we Southerners do.  We all know a good meal can change your entire perspective on the day.  They’ll remember and smile over your hospitality as they dig in to your casserole.  Prepare it in a disposable dish so they don’t need to worry about returning it, too.


5. Pay it forward.

We’re all accustomed to a gentleman holding the door open for a lady, but it can go beyond that!  Show a little courtesy and hold the door open regardless of who’s behind you or stand to let another sit down.  Your simple act of hospitality will continue on and brighten more days than one.

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