5 Reasons to Get Down and Dirty at JCB Mud Fest

It's about that time again! JCB will be hosting their 6th annual Mud Run on Saturday, June 17th. 


 For those of you unfamiliar with the event, here are the top 5 reasons why YOU should lace up your best pair of running shoes (ADVISORY: they may get a little dirty) and join the madness!

1. Get Grimy for a Good Cause

All proceeds from the JCB Mud Run will benefit the Lady Bamford Center for Early Childhood Development, a community center that provides educational instruction and guidance in the social skill development of children from six weeks to five years of age. The center operates independently from the public school system and strives to prepare children for kindergarten and elementary school. Now that's something to run for!

2. It's NOT the Gym

While this may be a given, it should not go unrecognized. The JCB Mud Run is a great way to get in your daily cardio without staring at a wall, television, or your own sweaty reflection for half an hour. And for those of you trying to tone up for beach season, the course is loaded with obstacles that will really get your muscles moving!

3. The Buddy Bonding System

The JCB Mud Run must be completed in teams of two. And believe us when we say, there’s no bonding experience quite like conquering miles and miles of mud with your best mates. Are your friends out of town? No worries! The mud run is an opportune chance for you to break through the shell of a new co-worker, or acquaintance. 

4. Meet Savannah

The JCB Mud Run is an excellent way to get out and mingle with the amazing people that form our Savannah community. Making new friends is always fun! And who knows, maybe you’ll meet your next running partner at the finish line.

5. It's Fun!

And lastly…you're going to have a blast! For some of you, sleeping in on Saturday morning may be the highlight of your week, but switching it up can be just as satisfying as tapping "snooze". There will even be a costume contest for everyone wearing their boldest outfits. So, if you'd prefer to run in your pajamas, feel free! 

So, what do ya say?…On your mark, get set, MUD!


For more information, visit JCB Mud Fest