5 Reasons SouthMag.com Should be Your First Stop Every Morning

Change is a-brewin' here at SouthMag.com and we want to make sure you don't miss a dang thing. Now that our beautiful 10th anniversary book is out the door and on the stands (get your copy here!), we are getting hyper-focused on our web presence. What does that mean for our loyal viewers? A Southern web experience unlike any other. 

The beautiful thing about the web is it can say and do things that a print magazine just can't. On the web we can give you up-to-the-minute news, relevant how-to articles and mini profiles that just can't wait until the next issue. We can talk about anything from controversial issues of the day to the latest spring fashion. We can give you exclusive reviews of the newest restaurants, books and movies. We can be your one source to everything that's going on in the South and beyond.

So why make South your daily morning read?

1. Daily blog posts about Southern life

We want to make sure you get a constant stream of interesting content, but we also know you don't want to read about daily life in New York City. This is the South. You want to hear the latest on local government, area events, and the Southern way of life. Our daily blog will give you all this and more. 

2. Behind the scenes of every issue

There's only so much you can shove into 180 pages. You wouldn't believe the witty articles, gorgeous photos and hilarious outtakes that don't make it into each issue. After your magazine comes in the mail, head to SouthMag.com to get even more amazing content.

3. Pop culture, the Southern way

We Southerners aren't completely isolated. We keep up with the latest music, movies and fashion just like the rest of the world. But this isn't People Magazine. You come here to get the Southern twist on things and we are gonna deliver, honey. 

4. Upcoming events, so you don't miss a thing

Our events listing is the most comprehensive in the Lowcountry. Whether you're in Savannah or St. Simons, we've got your plans covered for this weekend, next weekend, and next month. 

Plus, our Scenes photographers are out there all the most happening openings and parties ready to capture revelers in the act. Stop by the site to see who was scene at Savannah's most prominent events. 

5. A new voice for all of it

We've brought back a familiar face to take over our website. Y'all remember Kelly Adams? She was South magazine's Managing Editor about a year ago. After doing freelance web and social media for the past year, she has returned to South to be the voice for our online readers. An expert in all things Southern, Kelly will make SouthMag.com you're one-stop-shop for everything Lowcountry.