5 Places to Wine and Dine Your Valentine

Here are the most romantic venues in the most romantic city—don't miss this list!


February ushers in an extra influx of romance to an already notoriously romantic city. Savannah, Georgia is outfitted with a dreamy haze of wispy Spanish moss, echoing cobblestone streets and whispers of lovers past, making for the perfect backdrop to a modern love story. 

The scene is set—you are sharing an evening in a beautiful city with the one you love on the year’s most romantic holiday. Enter stage left: the elusive, coveted Valentine’s Day dinner reservation. Nothing ruins a special occasion quite like the stress of planning a dinner on the hottest date night week of the year. Imagine: OpenTable glitches, backed up phone lines, miscommunications and failed reservations—oh no!

Avoid amateur hour. Sure, you could ditch the Valentine’s Day to-do altogether, but where’s the fun in that? Valentine’s Day is more than a commercial holiday—it’s an excuse to allow yourself to get swept up in romance and embrace the love you deserve…and indulge in a lovely dinner and drinks at your favorite spot in town.

Allow South to play Cupid while you focus on wining-and-dining your valentine. Here are the top five spots to send hearts racing this Valentine’s Day:

Photo courtesy of Repeal 33.

1. Repeal 33

Indulge a forbidden love at Repeal 33, a prohibition-era-style bar located in the heart of downtown Savannah. Repeal 33 is hosting a Valentine’s Day special with live music featuring Maggie & Jackson, an elevated chef’s tasting menu and specialty valentine-themed cocktails.

Why South loves this choice: Enter to win the Repeal Romance package complete with a dinner, private dining room, roses and champagne by liking their page, sharing the post and tagging two friends. We love a give-a-way.

Angela Hopper Alure

Dinner at a.Lure./ PhotoCredit: Angela Hopper (@angelahopperphoto)


Creative concoctions at a.Lure./ Photo courtesy of a.Lure.

2. a.Lure

A.Lure has already built a reputation as an occasion restaurant based on their elevated dining experience. The ambiance at a.Lure exudes beauty, from the crafted-with-love cocktails to aesthetically pleasing plating.

Why South loves this choice: The lone outdoor table provides a uniquely intimate dining experience, away from the theatrics of Valentine’s Day. We also love the heart shape floating in this drink…

Myrtle & Rose Rooftop Bar and Garden

3. Myrtle and Rose

The ambiance at Myrtle & Rose is inspired by classical Greek symbols of femininity, love and romance. Aphrodite is practically third-wheeling your date night in the rooftop gardens. Sip love potions and share small plates under the stars.

Why South loves this choice: Myrtle & Rose is the best choice for spectacular Valentine’s views.

700 Drayton at Mansion on Forsyth Park, Kessler Collection

4. 700 Drayton

Add an exotic backdrop to a smoldering evening at 700 Drayton. With a newly revamped menu, Mansion on Forsyth Park’s signature restaurant is better than ever. Get caught up in the moment and spend the night in the most romantic rooms in the city (in our opinion).

Why South loves this choice: 700 Drayton is right off Forsyth Park, making for the perfect all-around date night. Enjoy a pre-dinner romp or a post-dinner stroll over the park’s beautiful grounds.

Jazz’d Tapas Bar

5. Jazz’d Tapas Bar

Make your way underground for some electric energy and swinging tunes. Jazz’d is the perfect spot for a lively night out and an opportunity to take a spin on the dance floor. Step out of the hustle and bustle of the night and enter into the den under Barnard Street.

Why South loves this choice: With pours like this, you can’t go wrong…