5 Lunch Dates for the Week

The Desoto

1540 Room and Edgar’s Proof & Provision are serving up some of the south’s most delicious and inventive cuisine. Step inside the Desoto Savannah and you'll find two unique dining options. Whether you're just visiting Savannah, or consider yourself a local you will surely find something to please your palate. Led by chef proprietor, Kyle Jacovino, 1540 Room delivers locally sourced culinary experiences. Located in the heart of Savannah's historic district, 1540 allows customers to indulge in artistc, Mediterranean inspired, southern-infused cuisine and decadent desserts. 


Cotton & Rye

Cotton & Rye has been feeding the locals and visitors of Savannah for over two years now, but they are just getting warmed up. The chef carefully selects seasonal options from throughout the United States, which offers guests a glimpse into all this land has to offer. The chef brings with him influence from varied experiences in different regions of the country and celebrates bringing options to his kitchen that are sometimes not seen in Savannah. The defining rule of thumb in the kitchen at Cotton & Rye is start with great product and prepare it properly.  All breads, charcuterie, and pickling is done on site and scratch cooking is primary. With an approachable cooking focus, a guest will find dishes that will range from award-winning fried chicken and shrimp & grits, to mouthwatering duck livers with tomato jam, and mustard greens with red wine vinaigrette or grilled scallops over charred creamed corn with chipotle and fresh grilled okra halves.


Savannah Coffee Roasters

Veteran owned and operated, Savannah Coffee Roasters is a different kind of coffee shop. One where the rich, bold coffee you sip was roasted in-house. One where the whole neighborhood is invited for a calendar packed with special events. And one where a full menu offers a wealth of mouth-watering options.

With a rich roasting tradition dating back more than a century, Savannah Coffee Roasters carries on the tradition the Savannah Coffee Company established in 1909 to provide Savannah’s most delicious coffee. What they’ve added is house-made pastries and inspired dishes for breakfast lunch and dinner.

Be there on Friday for interactive improv entertainment during “On the Spot Mysteries” and check back for dates on upcoming family game nights.


Le Macaron

For too long, Americans were missing out on the delightfully delicate sugary goodness that is the French macaron. Here, it’s either sugar spun into a cookie shape (so, cotton candy essentially) or even worse a coconut cookie (that’s a macaroon). That clear need to do justice to this mouthwatering continental treat led to the founding of Le Macaron in 2009.

The Savannah location is owned by Stephanie Ebers and Reggie Thompson, the first Americans to be awarded a franchise. Step inside and discover what you’ve been missing out by sampling some authentic French macarons, along with imported French gelato, locally sourced coffee and hand-painted chocolates equally suitable for framing or eating. It’s all prepared under the watchful eye of authentic French chef Didier Saba. 

You’ll know you’ve arrived when you inhale the intoxicating aroma of a true French pastries and hear the hearty call of “Bonjour.”


Fox and Fig Cafe

Now, I have been excited to try this place since I heard it was opening. A brunch-centric cafe centered around a plant-based diet sounds like absolute HEAVEN. The Foxy Family created this cafe with locally sourced vendors from PERC Coffee, and Leopold's Coconut Cream Milkshakes. Located off of Troup Sqaure on Habersham Street, off the busy area of Broughton you can get away and enjoy something like the Carrot-Parsnip Bisque, or try something sweet like a slice of Cashew Cheesecake. Sounds UNREAL, right? Check them out now here