5 Essential Apps for Your Inner Foodie

Apps to keep you in the know on eating out.

foodie apps

With this whole “food revolution” going down, you need the right tools to keep you up to date and in the know about all the latest restaurants, bars, and hotspots in town.


So your phone is now a calculator, social networking tool, a game system, a weatherman, and a doctor. With the technology in your pocket so high-tech, it was only a matter of time before they came up with apps to help you eat. Foodies are taking over the world and you're gonna need as many tools as possible to keep up. Here are the best apps for the foodie’s phone:



What used to be known as Urban Spoon, is now Zomato. This is the best foodie app for travelers and locals alike. You can find restaurants by type of food, location, price, hours and pretty much any other filter you can think of. It’s great for finding something new.


Open Table

This handy app allows you to make coveted restaurant reservations from your phone. You also get points for every reservation you make, which can be used for cash back at some of your favorite spots in town.



This app is awesome for those meals when you want killer food, but don’t want to change out of your pjs. The app finds take-out and delivery options based on your location and allows you to place your order through the app.



Ever look at a wine menu with a confused look? Yeah, we’ve all been there. With WineGlass you can take a picture of the menu and the app will create an interactive version that gives you prices, ratings, and food pairings with each wine on the menu. You’ll be an instant wine snob at every gathering.

Price: $4.99



This app should have been invented a long time ago. NoWait allows you to put your name in for a table at a restaurant, without even being there. Can you imagine putting your name on the list, finishing your hair and makeup, then walking in right when your table is available? It’s restaurant brilliance.


Now that you're phone is locked and loaded, you're ready to take the foodie revolution by storm.