4 Tips for Planning a Financial Future for your Child from Savannah Professionals


1. Plan, Plan and Plan Again

“I can’t say it enough. In my industry, planning is everything. Surround yourself with professionals of integrity; those who understand and appreciate your specific needs, and will educate you during the planning process. A relationship with any consultant/advisor should feel good, and if it doesn’t, move on to one that does. Insurance is an intangible investment, and making your program work for you, so that you are prepared for any adverse situation, should be a priority.”

– Courtney Marie Fowler, Vice President of Personal Lines, Regions Insurance Group, Savannah


2. You Can’t Change What You Don’t Measure

“When it comes to your health insurance program, company owners, CFOs, and Human Resources managers need to analyze past claims and know the cost drivers. There are more tools and resources today than ever that, in the hands of the right benefits advisor, can significantly lower your annual medical spend.”

-Tom Hayes, National Employee Benefits Practice Leader, Regions Insurance Group


3. Understand Your Plan

“Driving employee engagement through the education of their employer-sponsored benefit programs can have a huge impact not only on effective plan and network usage, but also overall employee satisfaction. When a benefits program is explained properly, employees are better able to understand any cost-saving resources put in place to manage claims, as well as have an improved perception of their total compensation.”

-Christina Biddle, Communications Specialist, Regions Insurance Group


4. Be Cost-Cautious

“Employers need to pay close attention to indirect costs associated with workers compensation claims and invest time, resources & capital into safety/risk control. Many organizations fail to pay attention to the indirect costs associated with worker’s injuries.  When assessing the total cost of risk associated with workers compensation, oftentimes employers tend to focus on the premiums they pay and any out-of-pocket deductibles they may have.”

-Ben Brewer, Property & Casualty Consultant, Regions Insurance Group


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