4 Hottest Trends for Renovating Your Home

Because "Fifty Shades of Grey" was onto something.

Looking for a much-needed change in your life? While you might not be able to quit your day job in favor of traveling the world (or your keep up with that new strictly-vegan diet plan of yours that only lasted a whopping two days…), we’ve got an idea that is actually extremely feasible: re-do your home for the upcoming fall season!

We chatted with Kathleen from 84 Lumber about the hottest trends in home renovation. Leaving no topic left untouched, covering everything from choosing the perfect paint colors to adding a custom wet bar.

Read on to see how you can turn your current home situation into your own little customized palace!


1. Mix your metals.

Contrary to the stuffy expectations of yesteryear, feel free to go wild with selecting finishes for knobs, pulls and other embellishments. While stainless appliances remain a classic favorite, by alternating the hardware you use throughout your home, a sense of quirky elegance will show off your unique style without sacrificing sophistication.


2. Diversity is key.

"Fifty Shades of Grey" was onto something. Give your innocent white paint a daring update with gray accents in multiple shades: ditch the monochromatic look in favor of a gray island or floors to break up all that whiteness. Painting just one wall a dark gray can create a focal point in the room and adds some visual interest while simultaneously creating dimension. We’re into it…


3. Lighten up!

Particularly in your kitchen, the right type of lighting can make or break the vibe you’re trying to achieve. Whether you want to dim the lights for a romantic dinner with your special someone, or you want the room nice and bright for family get-togethers involving chip + guac and the big game on TV, selecting the appropriate lights for your needs is key. Task lighting, or under-cabinet/on-top-of-cabinet lighting adds a great ambiance to the room.


4. Built-ins are your new BFF.

Don’t shy away from built-ins: the opportunities are truly endless when it comes to customizing your home, no matter the price point your budget requires. Everything from wet bars, bookshelves, expansive walk-in closets, buffet tables in the dining room – you name it – can be yours with just a little vision and a big plan. Indulge in your wildest HGTV-style fantasies, and turn those dreams of creating a home that is truly your own into a thrilling reality.


For more information about how you can renovate your home for the upcoming fall season, you can visit 84 Lumber online or call the Savannah location today at (912) 236-9484 .

We’d love to see your new creations, so be sure to leave a comment below about your ideas, or tag us on social media @southmagzine with hashtag #SouthMagFallReno to share with us your final results! Happy renovating!