35 Greatest Covers

In a time where it seems as though printed media is slowly but surely becoming obsolete, we still think magazines hold a special place in the social milieu of everyday life. Years from now, when we are looking through the archives, what will we want to see? At South magazine we have worked hard to encapsulate this tangible representation of the times and produce something we will be proud to look back on. 

Nothing embodies this idea of social representation more than the cover. The cover is a collaboration between the art director, the photographer, the editor, and the publisher, and is often one of the most contentious aspects of creating an issue. It is the first thing the readers see and the last thing they often remember, and must capture a moment in time, and serve as the face of the issue. Whoever said, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” clearly didn’t read magazines. 

At South we strive to create visually dynamic covers that leave the reader wanting more. Whether we are on your neighborhood newsstand or friend’s coffee table, we want the reader to be compelled to dive into the writing, photography, and design in that issue and that can’t happen unless the cover grabs their attention and won’t let go. From world famous celebrities to the friendly faces you see everyday, we create covers that shape the visual map of the Lowcountry and all the endlessly interesting things contained within it.

Now that we are officially 10 years out of the gate we have created over 100 magazine covers, some more striking than others, but all of them timeless in their pursuit for interesting and effective content. As the years have gone by we have strived to capture the South in all it’s revelry. We asked you, the readers to help us in picking the best of the best, the covers that still strike a chord to this day. Here are the 35 greatest covers as chosen by you and the South magazine team.

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