3 Unique Ways to the Stay Active on Hilton Head Island

This time of year, if you’re visiting Hilton Head Island and you’re not getting outside and enjoying the fresh air, you’re doing it wrong.

The fact is, this is the sweet spot for outdoor activities – the weather hasn’t quite started to get into searing summer temps, but the budding azaleas tell us we are past winter’s chill. The welcome mat has officially been laid out.

Looking to get out there and try something different than the usual golf and tennis? You’re in luck – Hilton Head Island offers a slew of outdoor activities you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Such as:

Take a little bit of tennis, a little bit of ping-pong and a dash of badminton and you’ll have pickleball, a sport that has taken the island by storm. Pickleball is played with large rackets that are halfway between a ping-pong paddle and a tennis racket, with a roughly softball-sized perforated plastic ball. Because the ball doesn’t travel as fast as a tennis ball, it provides a slightly more relaxed pace of play than tennis, while still giving players a heck of a workout.
There are several places to play on the island – Palmetto Dunes offers pickleball at the Palmetto Dunes Tennis Center and the Island Rec Center  has kept its courts open during its recent remodel.

Golf Croquet
While it may seem like another pickleball-style mashup of two sports, golf croquet is actually fairly similar to standard croquet (called association croquet) and even uses the same equipment. And much like standard croquet, you begin at one corner of the pitch and attempt to hit your ball through the wickets in order to get seven points before your opponent. The primary difference is that a golf croquet court is more squared, and you can’t take another swing if you hit your opponent’s ball.
The result is a more fast-paced game that has proven immensely popular on the island. The Sea Pines Resort maintains a golf croquet lawn in Harbour Town.

(Coligny Beach)

Walk-Run-Spin the Beach
A spin class might be a great way to break a sweat and burn some serious calories, but the scenery generally leaves something to be desired. Why stare at the walls of the gym when you could enjoy views of the island’s most beautiful beaches?
Walk-Run-Spin the Beach, a fundraiser for the Hilton Head Island Boys & Girls Club on May 12, will let you enjoy either a 5k or 10k walk/run or a spin class on the deck of the legendary Tiki Hut. Expert instructors will guide you through your workout as you dazzle to white sandy beaches and the glistening waves. 

(Tiki Hut)

Where to Stay:
The Vacation Company offers plenty of different options, but the best area to take advantage of activities like this would be the Forest Beach Area of Hilton Head Island. Ranging from quaint one bedroom condos on or near the beach to estate like 7 plus bedroom homes, all have access to the beach and great bike paths to be centrally located to enjoy all Hilton Head has to offer.  The Vacation Company also continues to add great choices for your next vacation, make sure to check out their New Properties for more information on the latest island retreat.