3 Go-to Dinner Spots

Ah, Wednesday! We are just half way through the work week and I know we are all thinking about the weekend. That spell of warm weather brought along spring fever (have you started your spring cleaning yet?) and it's time to get outside again! See the world, see the people, the city, the parks, it's that time. That spell of frigid weather is (hopefully) over for good and we can go downtown again without the accompaniment of three jackets, six scarves, and a pair of mittens (okay, it's not that bad. But still, it was cold out there). So. Where are we all going to eat?! 

Sugo Rossa 

Sugo Rossa is the newest addition to the Italian foodie scene in Savannah, but that doesn't really mean anything if the food is good. We don't play seniority games around here. Featuring classic Italian dishes like chicken and eggplant parmesan, veal picatta, and comfort foods like manicotti and lasagna. But please let us not forget the wood-firing oven custom made for their in house pizzas. The chef has specials daily, which includes Osso Bucco filled house-made raviolis with mushroom-marsala sauce, and Whole Grilled Bronzino over rice with puttanesca sauce. Already a mouth watering experience, Sugo Rossa offers a full bar with global influence of spirits, wine, and beer. 

You must be feeling hungry already. Right?


Top Deck 

An upscale, rooftop bar offering panoramic views of The Savannah River, to go alongside the handcrafted cocktails and house-made food. The interior hosts floor to ceiling windows, while the large deck has bar top seating with views below. Try some hand rolled sushi, or a plate of lamb sliders, or a prosciutto caprese flatbread. Try them all at once, why not? 

Top Deck is located above the Cotton Sail Hotel, right in the heart of Savannah's downtown historic district within walking distance of everything fun about Savannah. 

Moon River Brewing Company 

Craft beer lovers rejoice-this one is for you. With good brews and good food, Moon River has been leading the pack in serving craft brews in Savannah that pair perfectly with your meal. With entrees like Salmon Oscar, a salmon steak topped with a crabcake and Cusabi sauce, or Kristine's Favorite, made smoked turkey. melted brie, cranberry sauce and pecans. Delicious. 

Moon River has seasonal beers, including one for Halloween specifically, but brewer's favorite? Slow-vannah due to its easy drinkability. This session IPA is big on hops, and has a grapefruit-y flavor and aroma.