Dr. Jack Considine – Radiology

Dr. Jack Considine is proud to serve his hometown, Savannah, Georgia as a leading radiologist top top-tier imaging groups for fellowship-trained doctors.

Photography by D. Paul Graham

Dr. Jack Considine – Radiology

Who: After countless trips to the ER to see the “stitch doctor” growing up as a rambunctious child, Dr. Considine swore he would become a stitch doctor himself one day. He did become a doctor but of a different sort. As a well respected radiologist he prides himself on patient interaction while performing a multitude of different image guided procedures.  

What: Born and raised in Savannah, Dr. Considine was trained at the medical College of GA, Memorial and Stanford University Medical Center before returning to his hometown where he says, “Savannah bonds each of us. We are all family, friends, and neighbors and I am honored to care for us all.” At Coastal Imaging and Globis, Dr. Considine performs a variety of diagnostic services and procedures. Coastal Imaging is a state-of-the art diagnostic imaging center, and Globis is a full-service, advanced subspecialty imaging organization providing comprehensive radiology solutions for its clients. 

Why: As a radiologist, Dr. Considine approaches every patient as if they were his own family, making sure he can do everything in his power to help, from sheer diagnostic expertise to making someone feel at ease before a test or procedure. His practice can be described simply as “medicine delivered the way it should be.”

Coastal Imaging services :

  • High field open MRI 
  • CT
  • Ultrasound
  • Xray
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Interventional radiology

Globis Global Imaging Solutions Services:
Advanced subspecialty imaging group composed of physicians who are fellowship trained at the finest institutions nationwide and can be found at not just Coastal Imaging but at the many of the best subspecialized practices throughout our region.  Know that where you see “Globis” you are receiving the best radiology service available. 

Coastal Imaging
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Globis Global Imaging Solutions

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