2006 South Launches

When we set out to start a magazine, it was with the blood, sweat and tears of a hungry and passionate team. We are happy to say that the passion we felt with that first issue has only grown throughout the years. It still seems necessary to look back on our inaugural year with a fondness only the pages of a magazine can conjure. 

Our vision was, and still is, to create a new style of the South. 

Any debut is met with apprehension, but we wanted our first issue to carry the weight and brevity that would knock the city of Savannah’s socks off. True to form, that inaugural issue was a roaring success and accomplished our goal of recognizing and fostering the lessons and traditions of our southern past, while also advocating the changes and progressive moves the new South has made. Throughout the rest of our inaugural year, South magazine continued to impress the people of the Hostess City. Together we laughed, cried, learned and fostered a friendship with the city that only grew throughout the years. Launching a magazine in a city like Savannah is tough. As welcoming as we are to newcomers, we tend to be stuck in our ways and traditions. Luckily, the people of our fair city open their arms to a magazine that challenged the status quo and embraced the direction the South was going in.  

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