120 Years of Style

John Sussman explains the success of Savannah's oldest shoe store.

Broughton Street has seen a vast amount of change over the past 120 years, but Globe Shoe Company has always kept its front window displays stocked to the brim with reliable and stylish shoes.

How has Globe achieved this feat? According to its owner, John Sussman, who inherited the family business that his grandfather started in the 1930s, the longevity of the business comes down to a few key elements: constant innovation and enduring principles of business.

As a buyer for his store, Sussman is always in pursuit of new brands and style trends, while also maintaining classic and practical styles. Updating stock keeps Globe on the front end of fashion, and keeps customers coming back.

Underlying the ever-changing array of shoes, however, is Globe’s drive to maintain real relationships with both its vendors and its customers through loyalty, communication and personalized service.

Globe prides itself on the uniquely customizable experience it provides its customers.

“We carry brands from around the world that you can’t get other places,” says Sussman. “We also provide rare sizes and widths to ensure that we can deliver a great shoe for every customer that walks in.”

The store’s access to the inaccessible has been an asset to both of its Savannah locations. Globe’s Broughton store sees new customers every day, visiting from all corners of the country, and locals know they can go to Globe’s newer store in Savannah’s Twelve Oaks Shopping Center to find a stylish and comfortable pair of shoes with the help of staff members who are eager to please.

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