11 Tips For Achieving Optimal Health

A better you is just a quick read  and a little bit of discipline away. 


The body is a complex thing. Within each one of us are layers upon layers of interdependent systems, from nerves to blood vessels to lungs working in perfect harmony to sustain the miracle of life. Keeping that system working at peak performance is no small task, but it falls on each of use to at least try.

We wanted to share a few tips with our readers on maintaining optimum health and then we remembered something very important: we’re no doctors. Fortunately, we know a few and asked them for their favorite tips.

“One tip for achieving lasting health is focus on preventative. Too many people avoid the dentist when they don’t have any issues. But this is exactly when you should be coming to prevent problems. Getting your teeth cleaned at least every six months, as well as dental sealants places in your molars and even premolars, fluoride treatments at those preventative appointments and oral cancer screenings. Spending around an hour at the dentist twice a year can save you thousands of dollars and prevent or treat serious health issues sooner, before you even feel the effects. Preventable gum infections, like periodontitis, have been linked to diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. Take care of your body, including your teeth and gums now, with preventative care and avoid treatment later.” – Dr. Stephanie Sweeney



“Maintain an annual wellness exam including physical, fasting labs, eye exam and age-appropriate screening tests and immunization. Dedicate 30 minutes three times a week for cardio-type exercise as tolerated. Don’t forget sunblock when out in the sun. Check skin routinely and seek attention on ‘ugly’ moles. Eat three meals a day. Breakfast is the most important meals of the day. Avoid junk or fast food for Lunch. Focus on vegetables and protein on Dinner. Control portions if you desire to lose weight. Drink water daily. Spent at least 5-15 minutes for yourself daily to wind down after a hectic day. Maintain a good spirit and positive attitude, and be kind at all times, as good mental health is a must to achieve optimal health.” – Dr. Yuli Kusuma


“Do something active every day. It does not need to be always organized exercise activity. Small things make a difference, like taking the stairs or parking in the back of a parking lot to walk in. Working in your yard or walking the dog are other examples. All of these things work towards increasing activity which improves health!” – Dr. Rebecca Sellers


“Never start smoking and if you currently smoke, quit. It's never too late to get benefits from quitting smoking.”  – Travis Wiggins, M.D.


“Try to eat and do what your Paleolithic ancestors ate and what they did, meaning to ‘eat clean’:  many colored vegetables, fruits, lean meat and sea food. Organic is best, as is slow cooked when possible. Did your ancestors eat sugar? No, they did not. Sugar is your adversary and is a leading cause of many illnesses including diabetes , heart disease, and obesity. Salt is also bad and leads to hypertension. Try to eliminate the skin on chicke n and fish. Your ancestors walked everywhere, so try to exercise 15 minutes or more a day, even if it’s just a brisk walk.”  – Dr. Ron Finger


“Preventative care like flossing, cleaning, and daily routines will improve your oral health, but did you know you can still suffer tooth loss? ‘The silent killer’ of tooth loss is pressure! The best thing to do is get checked for a bite problem. You may have no pain now, but it can creep up on you. So seeing a specialist that uses computer technology, my practice’s specialty, will help detect an issue. If you do have pain, get checked. You can avoid losing your teeth and keep the optimum level of health while preserving a youthful appearance!” – Dr. Ryan M. Reeves


“The one most powerful anti-aging recommendation I have boils down to one word: SLEEP. Most Americans are severely sleep deprived. The ideal amount of sleep for an adult is between eight to 10 hours, but most of us feel like six to seven is the most we can allow. However, when we sleep is when we rejuvenate and heal, so by not getting enough, we are aging ourselves prematurely. Then, I hear this a lot – ‘But, Dr. Norburg, I CAN’T sleep!’ Either because of pain, or stress, or working a weird shift. So, here are my recommendations for that. Make sure your bedroom is dark, cool, and quiet. And, if you can’t get your brain to settle down, write it down. Worrying about all the things you have to do the next day will keep your brain spinning, but writing it down allows your brain to let it go and relax. Also, turn off all forms of electronics one hour before bed. Read. Take a warm bath with Epsom salts (a great natural muscle relaxant, by the way), put some lavender oil in an infuser. Listen to some lovely music. Meditate. All these tools help. And, if you are hurting, see your health care provider. That is what we are there for! Sweet Dreams!” – Dr. Terri Norburg


"Make a splash." There are multiple benefits of swimming,  water aerobics, and watersports such as surfing,  kayaking,  and paddle boarding. Swimming is very easy on the joints. In addition to being a chiropractor, I am a coach for GCAT at the aquatic center and also a swim coach at the Savannah Golf club.” – Chris Whelan


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.Get screened for colon cancer.” – Greg Borak, M.D.


“Find a passion that gets you outside and elevates your heart rate!” – Dr. John Batson


"Achieving optimum health is not a quick fix; it takes work and dedication to eat healthy and exercise. You have to find what works for you, your body and your schedule.” – Dr. Christi Ghaleb