10 Historical Sites and Museums to Visit in Savannah This Summer

At South we put together a list of the top 10 historical sites and museums that everyone should visit during their stay in Savannah.



Each historical site teaches visitors about Savannah in its on unique way and shows that learning about history is fun, especially when you get to see it in person. 


1. Bonaventure Cemetery

Being the most famous cemetery in Savannah Bonaventure Cemetery gets a lot of publicity from its stardom in the novel and film, The Garden of Good and Evil. While touring this Southern Gothic cemetery you'll feel like you're actually in the novel and maybe you'll even find a Voodoo Priestess too. You know to help you get rid of those evil spirits. 


For more information visit the Bonaventure website or call them at (912) 651-6843.


Photo via: Gena Cohen 

2. Colonial Park Cemetery

Established in 1750 the Colonial Park Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Savannah. Closed off from burials during the Civil War, many of the enemy soldiers hid, looted and slept in or near the graves. If you go on one of the many ghost tours you may come face to face with a real specter that's lurking around. 


For more information visit the Colonial Park Cemetery's website.


Photo via: Coastal Empire Seniors

3. Davenport House Museum 

Step into the 1800's with a tour around the Davenport House where you'll feel like you're a 19th century visitor. Built by Isaiah Davenport in 1820, it is one of the oldest brick structures in Savannah. The home and garden are decorated with items that were originally owned by Davenport as well as 19th century replicas. Get your walking shoes ready and let history guide you throughout Isaiah's home. 


For more information visit the Davenport House Museum's website or call them at (912) 236-8097.


Photo via: Georgia State Railroad Museum 

4. Georgia State Railroad Museum 

Originally the Georgia State Railroad was used to deliver goods and passengers to different cities from the early 1800's to 1963. Now it is a National Landmark and museum that displays the history of the station and its trains. With a fully operational turntable, handcar, and historic railcars you'll get to experience what it was like at a rail station in the 1900's. These activities will bring history to life engaging kids to learn about Georgia's railroad history.


For more information visit the Georgia State Railroad Museum's website or call them at (912) 651-6823.


Photo via: Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace

5. Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace

Experience the house created especially for girls during a time when women were struggling with their place in society and soon would be fighting for their right to vote. Juliette Gordon Low was born in 1860 and started the Girl Scouts in 1912 in Savannah, GA. This house is considered a National Historic Landmark and honors the first Girl Scout that ever lived. Bring Girl Scout troops to enrich their views on the history of their troop.


For more information visit the Juliette Gordon Low's website or call them at (912) 233-4501.


Photo via: Massie Heritage Center

6. Massie Heritage Center

Take a step back in time at the Massie Heritage Center where you'll be able to experience history for yourself with their heritage classroom and other exhibits. In this classroom you can be a part of the exhibit by sitting in one of the wooden desks and writing on a slate board or you can even read from one of the antique schoolbooks. With 7 exhibits, kid friendly tours and activities this is a great educational center to visit and learn from. 


For more information visit the Massie Heritage Center's website or call them at (912) 395-5870.


Photo via: Pinpoint Heritage Museum

7. Pinpoint Heritage Museum

Get back in touch with nature at the Pin Point Museum on Moon River and experience the connection that the Geechee people had with the marshes. This area was originally a Gullah/Geechee fishing community for 100 years and was established in 1895 by the first generation freedmen. The museum building was originally the A.S. & Son Osyter and Crab Factory, but closed in 1985 and later became the Pinpoint Museum, which features the history of the Gullah/Geechee people.


For more information visit Pinpoint Heritage Museum's website or call them at (912) 355-0064.


Photo via: Bluffton University 


8. Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum

Find out what ships from different time periods looked like at the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum. With nine galleries featuring ship models, maritime paintings and artifacts you can learn everything you need to know about maritime history.Some of the ship models were commissioned and all of them have been thoroughly researched to get historically accurate information. After visiting this museum you'll be an expert in maritime history.


For more information visit Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum's website or call (912) 232-1511.


Photo via: Telfair Museums

9. Telfair Museums

  • Jepson Center
  • Owens-Thomas House
  • Telfair Academy

The best way to learn about art and architecture is to go see it in person and the Telfair Museum's are the best places for that. The Telfair Museum was founded by Mary Telfair and is the oldest museum that was accessible to the public. Interestingly enough, all three of the museums represent an innovative expression during the time they were built. During your tour perhaps you'll run into the Bird Girl statue at the Jepson Center. 


For more information visit the Telfair Museum's website or call (912) 790-8800.


Photo via: Webb Military Museum

10. Webb Military Museum 

Experience the most amazing and largest collection of military artifacts that will make history come alive. Started by Gary Webb 40 years ago, he honors servicemen from different wars and time periods who wore these uniforms. By displaying these artifacts it creates a personal relationship with each visitor. After leaving, you may find that you have a newfound love for history.


For more information visit the Webb Military Museum's website or call them at (912) 633-0398.