Y’all Asked, Southfitters Answered

With brands like Southern Tide, Vineyard Vines, and Southern Proper becoming more popular than ever it only seemed fitting to add another Southern name in there. Only this time, the brand would be coming straight from the heart of Georgia.

Bob Mulford was destined to work in the shoe and clothing business. It was in his DNA. His father-in-law had previously owned a store and taught him the ins and outs of how to operate a brick and mortar company. Mulford eventually passed the business down to his sons, Jason and Michael who have maintained a sense of classic and trendy styles. After establishing their deep roots in shoes and a few classic items they recently decided to open a new company, Southfitters

The brand grew out of the their shoe store, The Shoe Box, and they decided to rename their popup mall store in 2015 so they could start their own clothing line.  The first shirt they wanted to create was a map of the lakes/rivers in Georgia. 

“When we crated the lakes/rivers shirt we wanted something original, we wanted something people could connect with emotionally; something relatable,” said Jason. 

The company plans to slowly expand to more than just these few shirts. They recently launched their website that promotes primarily their brand, but they are also interested in looking for retail partners. They are looking forward to launching a brand new hat, that will be more exclusively worn for Georgia pride and what emotionally connects people to Georgia. They recently added Alabama rivers/lakes tshirt along with Tennessee as well. 

They are working on a new line that will come out this fall that will be native fish to Georgia, which they hope will be equally as successful. 

For more information on Southfitters, visit their website, or check them out on Facebook

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