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Buckwalter Vet guest, Knox / Photography: Blake Crosby

In a community that Tripadvisor calls “overwhelmingly dog-friendly,” Buckwalter Veterinary Clinic rises to the top as a high-touch, highly relational, full service veterinary medical facility able to offer “procedures not done routinely in the Lowcountry.”

That’s not just a sound bite. It’s BVC’s unique calling card, and it’s comprehensive. Co-founder Dr. Daniel Iyer specifies, “We offer pretty much every aspect of physiology – pharmacist, radiology, internal medicine, oncology, dental care, specialty cardiology, advanced orthopedics, cold laser — you name it, we can do it all.”

To paint a more experiential picture, Iyer said, “from basic diagnostics to hip surgery, where else can you bring a pet in with a swollen lymph node, aspirate, diagnose lymphoma, do ultrasound and x-rays, and possibly start chemotherapy all in one day, one place, with one in-house staff?” All of which doesn’t even include the more boutique services like chiropractic and acupuncture.

With state-of-the-art equipment and specializing in Western and Eastern medicine, they extend their high standard of service beyond the office, “even when we get a text from you in the middle of the night,” said Dr. Iyer. He doesn’t consider it extraordinary; he just considers it customer service. “Someone who needs an answer is going to get one — immediately or at the latest, within a day.” Even more, instead of hearing from a nurse, tech, or employee, Dr. Iyer said, “you get callbacks direct from doctors.”

That direct-to-consumer, one-on-one conversation is not only reassuring, it leads to a more customized plan of care and leaves the cookie-cutter approach behind. “A lot of new clients come in for a second opinion,” and when they do, Dr. Iyer promises, “we’re not going to sugar coat, but we’re also not going to overdo it. You don’t always have to do XYZ. You have options. Certain serious treatment plans aren’t always the right thing to do. We won’t let our clients be surprised. We proceed with a thorough exam, accurate diagnosis, and the most rational treatment.”

Remember, as extensive as their array of options are, it’s still all contained under one roof in a one stop veterinarian experience, which is so reassuring when you’re concerned about your fur-family and figuring out where to turn. Dr. Iyer takes this personally saying, “I love that I can do every aspect of medicine and have an animal leave the same day even from something major. It’s absolutely remarkable to see smiles on people’s faces when a dog that had a basketball-sized tumor leaves that day having had it removed, and the dog is night and day different.”

Level of care is equal to personal touch as BVC prides itself in being a “tight-knit family that truly treats each patient as our own, and our clients as kin.” Not just clients, but also translating this care to staff, BVC is intentional about building into the well-being of those working in one of the most emotionally challenging industries. This boomerangs into the community the clinic serves, creating a secure, supportive, and positive environment among the professionals caring for your animal family.

“I love every aspect of working in Bluffton. Clientele are top notch, pets are amazing, the community is so supportive, and we are fortunate to have a fantastic staff — we couldn’t be happier,” said Iyer. And it shows — in the broad range of services, advanced facilities, committed family environment, smiling faces, and wagging tails coming in and out the front door of the Bluffton based practice.

You’ll find them “next to the Publix,” for those in the market for a caring, full-service veterinary home.”

The top-notch medical equipment and treatment offered at BVC is matched by their dedication to customer care. In one of the most emotionally challenging industries, the staff goes above and beyond to keep tails wagging.

In loving memory | Linus Iyer 2010-2022 | BVC mascot & the best boy

Gone But Never Forgotten Linus Iyer / 2010-2022 “To Linus, who thought he was a human being and we never told him otherwise.”
– Dr. Daniel and Cheri Iyer


Learn more about Dr. Daniel Iyer, DVM and Buckwalter Veterinary Clinic • 103 Buckwalter Pl Blvd #102, Bluffton, SC • 843.837.2733 and buckwaltervet.com


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