What It's Like Interning at South Magazine

Internships can be extremely intimidating. You are entering what you think will be your career field and you are haunted by the what ifs. “What if I don’t end up liking it like I thought I would?” “What if I mess up?” “What if I forget everything I learned?” These were my biggest fears, but luckily South did everything they could to ease those worries. The day before my internship began Mary Thomas Pickett, a member of #TeamSouth took time out of her day to take me to dinner and ease my nerves and tell me what to expect.

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I couldn’t have been more thankful. She gave me pointers on how our publisher, Michael Brooks liked things to go in our morning meetings and how I could read over the latest issue so when I came I could already have ideas to contribute. It was really refreshing to see someone who wanted their team to succeed, and not just herself.

I went home and reviewed all the materials she gave me and felt very excited for my first day on the job. I was humbled by how nice everyone was, and that was the first thing I learned at South. We are more than just a team; we are a family. Our advertising director, Josh Flores took me out to a luncheon on my first day. He could’ve picked another intern that he knew better, but he chose me and wanted to welcome me in. He introduced me to everyone, like a proud dad, and I felt proud to be there. I never thought I would be listening to a brand strategist and mingling with Savannah’s socialites and business experts. That’s when I learned my second thing at South. I really love networking and our clients.

Before coming to South Magazine, I had never networked or really engaged in any business/client relationships, but here I really needed to put myself out there and meet clients. I realized I wanted to do more than just build a foundation with clients; I wanted to build a relationship with them. I found a passion in communicating with them and organizing meetings to finally put a face with a name. I got to meet tons of great people: Christy Ellis with Sandpiper Supply; we bonded over a love for interiors and Pinterest, Margaret Lightsey with Midge Boutique; we may be against each other in the SEC, but together I felt like she was more than a client she was a friend, who I loved to see each and every time I went back. Jessica Mock with Southern Sugaring; I loved her baby and her beauty tips, plus she’s a loyal Instagram follower. I even got to meet someone who knew my dad from back in his highschool days. Mitchell Bush with the Bush Agency certainly had some stories, along with his sister Leslie.

Engaging with all these different people and going to all these networking events taught me my third lesson: the job doesn’t end at 5 pm. You might be thinking, what a drag, but it was far from a drag. I loved staying late; it gives you a sort of adrenaline rush knowing that you are doing something so important that you need to stay late. And, the company was never bad either.  I would go as far to say that I became a night owl. Late night photo shoots for various companies became my jam. I loved to be at the studio watching different clients dress up and show their personality. It beats just chilling on the couch any day.

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That’s when I learned my final lesson: if you love what you do, then nothing else matters. I fell in love with South Magazine. I hated the fact that I had to go back to school; I wanted to stay and bond with the people who had become more than just coworkers to me. I wanted to stay and be a part of this publication that had consumed me. This internship taught me so much about myself that you couldn’t help but love it. I’m walking away from this experience a happier and more confident person than who I came in as, and I hope people who read this know they can have this same opportunity. They can grow as a person and fall in love with a company the way I did at South by applying for an internship here.