The Mansion Cooking School

Cook like a top chef! The Mansion Cooking School has consistently been a top attraction for locals and visitors.
Mansion Cooking School


Chef Jason Winn hosts a party every night – one where you just might learn something. As the Cooking School Chef for Classes by Kessler at The Mansion on Forsyth, Winn wants everyone to eat like royalty.


ven if you’re the kind of cook who can’t boil water, a night spent at the Mansion on Forsyth Cooking School with Chef Jason Winn is still sure to delight your senses and ignite your sense of fun. “There’s usually one person who’s the chef of the family, and the other person gets dragged along, but they have a great time. Everybody eats well, and the food is the common bond,” Winn says.

“You’ll be hanging out with really cool people …and me, too,” he kids, but Chef Jason knows how to entertain a crowd. A consummate host who makes sure everyone from expert home cooks to their reluctant significant others has a good time, Chef Jason loves his job and has fun doing it. “Not to sound cheesy, but it’s kind of a dream job,” he says. Trying his hand at culinary education is something Chef Jason had contemplated for a while, and he’s a natural. “Every night, it’s like hosting a party. I get to work with people who love food. And the wine helps,” he jokes.

Classes by Kessler features a rotating cast of cooking experiences, some 15 different classes at a given time, and Chef Jason is always thinking about the next offering. He ventures to guess that the Farmer’s Market Tour may be their most popular. The experience involves a trip to the Forsyth Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning, followed by an off-the-cuff brunch in the Cooking School kitchen. Their well-established Classic Italian class is also a long-time favorite.

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