The Dental Difference

Dr. Sweeney creates a unique experience for her patients

With a goal to become the leading cosmetic luxury dental provider in the Savannah area, Dr. Stephanie Joy Sweeney wants patients to experience something different when they step into the doors of Savannah Dental.

“It’s a dental office inspired by a spa experience,” says Dr. Sweeney, who takes pride in how she presents her practice, by treating her patients with blankets, fruit-infused water and personalized Pandora stations upon their arrival. “Our patients will experience an unexpectedly high level of service, quality and comfort with total facial aesthetics.”

But that’s just the cherry on top. The real excellence at Savannah Dental can be found in their state-of-the-art technology as they strive to stay ahead of the game.

According to Dr. Sweeney, Savannah Dental is one of a select few general dentistry practices in Savannah to own and operate an Itero Scanner, which can track overall oral health and even has the ability to show what a patient’s smile can look like before and after orthodontics and other cosmetic procedures. Savannah Dental is currently the top Invisalign provider in Savannah.

But perhaps what really sets Dr. Sweeney apart is her commitment to give back to the community, and to make as minimal of an environmental impact as possible.

The practice not only gives one percent of gross profits to various charities, but also uses eco-friendly products as often as possible.

“We’re committed to doing more by reducing environmental impact and increasing community impact,” says Dr. Sweeney.

Savannah Dental
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