The Benefits of Sweat

Sweat is an important process that your body uses for lots of purposes. Here are some of the major positives of breaking a sweat!

Weight Loss

Perhaps the best known benefit of sweat is weight loss. During exercise, the body becomes heated and body fat becomes water-soluble and escapes the body through sweating. Sweating can burn up to 300 calories in an hour!

Stress Relief

Sweating can be a healthy, cleansing, and relaxing relief for your mind and body! During a sweat, your body’s muscles are heated, expanded and relaxed and this aides in releasing stress, plus the fatigue that can be brought on by muscle tension.

Health Benefits

Sweating has a lot of health benefits. It gets your circulation going, increases your metabolism, boosts your immune system and leads to burns calories. It's an important process in removing foreign toxins and harmful disease out of the body. Our kidneys take 24 hours to rid the body of toxins such as lead and mercury, but sweating removes these much faster! Even substances like alcohol, cholesterol and salt can be effectively reduced from removal through sweat. Research has shown us that up to thirty percent of waste is eliminated through sweat.

Cleaner, Clearer Skin

Sweating is also a sure way of keeping your skin clean. The toxins built up in our skin can, when not properly released, cause break outs, pimples and other skin disturbances. Sweating flushes those toxins out and over time will cause skin to look newer and healthier. Sweat even contains a small amount of antibiotics to fight bacteria that is commonly found on the skin. It unclogs pores, improves the skin tone, clarity and texture, slows the signs of aging and helps to reduce the effects of skin damage.