Take a Trip to Tequila's Town

I saw it on a waitress who was standing at the door: a shirt that read, “Te,” and then displayed two checkboxes.  The empty one said, “amo,” and the one checked finished, “quila.”  That subtle element of character was all I needed to complete my already satisfying night at Tequila’s Town


Two hours earlier, I was convinced my evening’s fate rested in writing prose and drinking cheap wine with Mini Babybel cheese wheels and some 70% chocolate bar with a forgettable brand name.  That was my night for all of ten minutes, then a surprise message from my phone made me reconsider.  Initially I was reluctant, but then I figured I had earned a basket of chips and questionable amounts of guacamole (table-side of course).  The week had been a packed one, and since my wallet wasn’t quite well enough to book a spontaneous vacation, I compromised with a visit to the midnight green facade on 109 Whitaker Street. 


The venue greets passersby with its lime-colored square signage, and then lures them in with a flirtatious aroma of something spicy.  I don’t know about you, but I can not resist good quality Mexican food, and Tequila’s boasts just that with its fusion of flavorful platters and a full bar stocked with over 30 brands of premium Tequilas.  Their menu is advertised as “up a Notch Mexican food” on their website, a fitting description for its appetizing assortments.  From Sopa Azteca to lime-marinated gulf shrimp, the menu offers a variety of Tex-Mex twists as well as Mexican favorites like steak or chicken street-style tacos, enchiladas, and chimichangas.       



Typically the folks who cannot find anything to their liking on Broughton Street filter their way down Whitaker to Tequila’s.  Though it was a busy Saturday night, our group of four waited no more than ten minutes for a table. For those who wish to bypass the food, the bar beckons from the back of the room. 


Our waitress, Amy (who I later discovered wore the same “Te” shirt), approached our table almost as soon as we settled.  “Care for anything to drink?”  We didn’t miss a beat.  “A pitcher of margaritas please.”  It is exactly what it sounds like: a pitcher filled to the brim with enough margaritas to cool several glasses.  Four glasses, three sprinkled with salt and one with sugar, arrived with our pitcher.  The margarita was a standard lime concoction, sweet enough in its slushy viscosity with a tantalizing undercurrent of tequila.          


Between the drinks and bottomless basket of chips, I almost did not order anything else from the menu.  Almost. 


Like Laura Numeroff’s “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie,” my thought process went something along the lines of, “If you give a gal chips and salsa, she’ll want guacamole.”  Thankfully, I was not alone in this craving, and so, to our dinner tab we added an order of Tequila’s famous table-side guacamole.  Several minutes later, a server wheeled a small cart up to our table with two shelves prepped with a picking of ingredients and add-ins.  Our server effortlessly scooped the avocado from its skin and began the blending process in a Molcajetes (the stone bowl typically used for guacamole preparation).  We tailored the dip to our palates with every ingredient offered except the jalapenos.  Even the two members of our group who were not guac enthusiasts couldn’t resist dabbing a chip in the meshed mix of cilantro, onions, and fresh Mexican avocados.     


Guacamole split four ways guarantees a decent helping per person, but all four of us agreed something more sustainable was needed.  With a pitcher of margaritas, I would advise a helping of nachos in order to establish equilibrium of sorts.  Tequila’s Town offers four different combinations, including Queso Nachos and Nachos Macho Supremo, the ultimate marriage of meat (fear not vegetarians, a meatless option is available), beans, lettuce, and, of course, cheese. 


I decided to split the latter with a friend, and it was probably my third best decision of the evening next to ordering guacamole and taking a trip to Tequila’s Town in the first place.  Finished with a generous dollop of sour cream and (more!) guacamole, the serving was more than enough for two people.  Those not sharing our chip-cheese conjunction ordered, separately, a chimichanga and burrito.  Everything ordered was sensibly priced, and Tequila’s promise of “up a notch Mexican food” was positively affirmed with our content sighs of fullness.    


We savored nearly two hours emptying our pitcher and clearing our plates.  When the checks arrived, it was almost eleven, perfect timing considering Tequila’s closes at eleven on Saturday’s.  It was before we left I saw the back of the waitress’s shirt.  At the time, I just thought it was the cleverest wordplay.  Maybe it was the margarita or my appreciation for witty banter.  I can’t put my finger on it, but whatever made me enjoy the “Te” shirt managed to make me check the empty box and say, “Te Amo” to Tequila’s Town.              


109 Whitaker St.

Savannah, GA 31401