Take A Hike!

Take a hike!

No, seriously. Continue your New Year’s Resolution of “be healthier” and take your banging body to Georgia’s “Little Grand Canyon” in Lumpkin, Georgia.

Providence Canyon State Park is known as one of Georgia’s seven wonders and anyone who has visited it can understand why. The 1,109 acres of deep canyons were caused by poor farm practices in the 1800s. Those poor practices created a perfect travel spot for Georgia natives and anyone interested in a fun day. The canyon is full of orange, violet and creamy white colors and features crazy landscapes.

The great thing about taking a hike through the canyon is that you can make your hike as short or as long as you want. This is a captivating trip for even the most novice hiker. Be sure to take your boots, though! Water sets in the bottom of the canyon, making for a watery walk. The Canyon Loop trail takes you to the bottom of the canyon, where even more colorful views await. The total hike is 2.45 miles, but that trip can easily be shortened by walking back to the Visitor Center when you get as far as you can handle.

There’s no doubt that while walking through the 150 foot deep gullies you’ll lose track of time, so don’t forget to pack a picnic or maybe a hammock.

After a long hike there are plenty of camping spots or picnic tables to take a break. Eating a packed lunch while sitting at the picnic tables still provides a look out over the canyon. There are also photo-ops on top of the canyon when walking back to the Visitor Center.

If you’re not into the hiking thing, still make the trip to Providence Canyon State Park. There are plenty of look-out spots on the rim of the canyon.

It doesn’t take a trip to Arizona to get a great hike and view of flawless canyons and colors. Providence Canyon State Park provides an inexpensive and beautiful experience! The park holds many opportunities for family fun or a romantic day out including picnic shelters and camp sites. For the cheapskates out there, have no fear! The activities at the park are all less than $50! There’s only a $5 parking pass to hike. Shelters and campsites range near $40.

Grab your hiking boots and take an adventurous trip through one of Georgia’s renowned spots!

Upcoming events in 2015 include Geology Day and Astronomy Night. Click here for more information.