South’s Greatest Places ’22: E. Shaver Booksellers

South's top spot to curl up with a cat and Savannah's oldest independent bookstore, specializing in new books.

Photo / D. Paul Graham

E. Shaver Booksellers

South’s top spot to curl up with a cat and Savannah’s oldest independent bookstore, specializing in new books.

In this ever growing age of electronics, bookstores seem to be taking a backseat. However, since 1975, locally owned and operated E. Shaver Booksellers continues to be one of the gems of Savannah

Located right downtown, this landmark has seven rooms of books, offering everything from new fiction to the latest in children’s literature. E. Shaver Booksellers have created a cozy and whimsical vibe that is just perfect for endless browsing through stacks. 

Once settled in to check out a few good books, do not be surprised if one of the shop’s feline denizens decides to climb in your lap. These well-read kitties have even been known to lend a paw or two in recommending what a patron should be reading next. 

Whether one’s literary tastes run to science fiction or biographies, there’s plenty of pages to choose from and a plethora or perfect hostess gifts to peruse. 

In the words of one reviewer, “What an awesome bookstore! They have every genre you could possibly imagine and the layout and the cats… it’s all so quaint, cute beyond words, like going into a friend’s home who freakin’ loves books. Love this place. Would come back again and again to enrich my mind.”

And, of course, in between visits catch up on the latest news by tuning into the E. Shaver podcast “Pull Your Shelf Together” on the website. 

326 Bull St. Savannah, GA | 912.234.7257 |

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