Southern Sippin’

Bar.Food’s new sports bar has perfected all your favorite cocktails—with a fresh, intriguing twist.

Photo by D. Paul Graham / Samantha Igoe, General Manager, Bar Food Sports

Q: What is Bar.Food’s approach to curating a cocktail list? What can people expect at Bar.Food that they won’t necessarily get at a different bar, and what is the inspiration behind this drink?

A: I think that our cocktails are familiar, but we put a twist on it. We like to include local ingredients, as well as homemade ingredients. We use the Rhoot Man Shrub, which is by Sidney Lance—who used to work for Ghost Coast but just came out with his own shrub line. We incorporate blackberry and honey simple syrups that we make in-house.

The Braves Bramble is a Bar Food twist on the signature drink of the Braves’ stadium. We opened the sports bar side and we wanted a cocktail that was sports centered so we picked that one. It’s not the exact same recipe as the stadium’s Braves Bramble, but it’s inspired by that drink with our own little twist.

Braves Bramble

1.5 oz Cooper’s Craft Bourbon
0.5 oz lemon juice
0.75 oz Rhoot Man Wild Berry Coconut
mint shrub
0.5 oz Sprite
1 sprig rosemary


On a plate, light a sprig of rosemary (with a lighter or torch) and place rocks glass over burning rosemary.
While that is smoking: in a shaker, mix Cooper’s Craft, lemon juice, shrub. Shake.
Take the glass that was covering the rosemary and insert a large ice cube or sphere. Pour bourbon/shrub mix over the cube. Add a splash of sprite on top. Garnish with rosemary and a lemon twist.

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