South Carolina’s Ainsley Earhardt Launches New Program Today on FOX News’ Streaming Platform FOX Nation: Beyond and Back

FOX Nation will debut a new five-episode series presented by FOX & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt, on Sunday, August 29th.

For Earhardt, the foundation of her faith has made all the difference in navigating the 24-hour news cycle.

FOX Nation will debut a new five-episode series presented by FOX & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt, on Sunday, August 29th. The faith-based series will feature stories of those who have experienced miracles and near death experiences as Earhardt uncovers the accounts of believers and non-believers who can’t explain how they survived death and were lifted from hell to heaven or raised out of a crisis.

“I always, in the back of my mind and in everything that I do, I try to remember that I am here to serve God and to be a good Christian,” says Earhardt. “So I always want to be tough and ask the necessary questions, but, I had a bible study teacher tell me one time, ‘You can say anything, it’s all in how you say it.’”

Upcoming episodes:

Episode One: Proof of Heaven

Host Ainsley Earhardt begins the season with Dr. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon who had never believed in the afterlife. Joined by Dr. Alexander’s son, wife, and Dr. Jan Holden, President of the International Association for Near-Death Studies, Earhardt examines the story that shifted Alexander’s entire worldview and sent him “Beyond and Back.”

Episode Two: Two Hours to Live

Jeff Fusco, a COVID-19 patient struggling to stay alive, recounts the unbelievable moment he was saved from death. Alongside Dr. Antoine Chahine, Fusco’s doctor who says he made a miraculous recovery, John Burke, Gateway Church pastor, and wife, Theresa Fusco, Earhardt explores his journey “Beyond and Back”.

Episode Three: Soul Survivor

At the scene of a fatal accident, Jeff Olsen’s spirit abides between life and another realm, while wife Tanya waits anxiously. Treated by trauma physician Dr. Jeff O’Driscoll, who can communicate with the dead, Earhardt learns how Olsen’s spirit was sent “Beyond and Back.”

Episode Four: Diving Deep

While honeymooning, newlywed couple Darnisha and Scott Taylor describe a diving accident that quickly turned into a deep-water rescue. Accompanied by authors John Burke and Eric Metaxos, the Taylors and Earhardt detail the dive that sent Darnisha “Beyond and Back.”

Episode Five: Hell on Earth

Los Angeles Fire Department Captain Cheyane Caldwell, trapped in a raging fire, recalls the decision he made that saved the course of his life and his department’s team. With members of his department, his wife and author Eric Metaxos, Caldwell chronicles the fiery experience that sent him “Beyond and Back.”

About Ainsley Earhardt:

From climbing Magnolia trees to ascending the ladder of morning news in NYC, this South Carolina native knows a thing or two about making dreams come true.

A Southern girl who took a chance on the big city. A would-be orthodontist who took a hard turn in her career and became a globally recognized journalist. A follower of Christ who counts President Trump among her biggest fans. Not to mention a mom and New York Times best-selling author. There’s a lot more to Ainsley Earhardt than what you see on the screen.

Ainsley Earhardt Small RgbAinsley Earhardt is featured on South magazine’s Health & Wellness cover 2020.

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