Savannah Rock City

Savannah’s music scene is heating up, and these are the musicians that are fueling the fire. Today, beats and chords mingle down Savannah streets alongside tourists’ carriages and warm summer currents. A city once rife with musical goings-on, Savannah is again working overtime to appease a populace demanding, with revitalized enthusiasm, the fever and authenticity of the live show. The Hostess City’s recommitment to being a live music destination and to cultivating a rich local music scene comes as the result of a collective push by area venues, promoters, musicians, and concertgoers. But it is, perhaps, the local musicians who carry the weight of the load—playing night after night to crowds or empty rooms, even after a full day of work or class—reminding the rest of us that Savannah’s got talent. Kidsyc Hometown to notable hip-hop artists Big Boi (OutKast) and DJ Lord (Public Enemy), Savannah has long held its place in the world of hip-hop. But this year, Savannah’s hip-hop face got a makeover, compliments of Lloyd “KidSyc” Harold. KidSyc is known around town for his affability, passion for music, and commitment to youth and education. With signature red cap and his unique merger of hip-hop with a live band, KidSyc was barely a year into playing together with KidSyc@Brandywine when they decidedly upstaged the overhyped national-touring Das Racist on opening night of the 2011 Savannah Stopover Music Festival. Having won the Georgia Lottery All-Access Music Search competition in early 2011 with his band KidSyc@Brandywine, he is now known far beyond Savannah for his talent as a songwriter, rapper, and front man. KidSyc’s inaugural music video, “Fire,” was recently released to great fanfare. “The ‘Fire’ video is taking off quite nicely,” says Harold. “We’ve gotten almost 2000 views (between Vimeo and YouTube) since it was posted a month ago.” “Fire” is off of The Kid, produced by Alex Goose. The video was created by Savannah Film Company Production and Meddin Studios. But the best, it seems, is yet to come. “Next up is the KidSyc@Brandywine EP release with the tracks recorded at Capitol Records,” says Harold, “and a music video by Savannah Film Company for the crowd favorite ‘Forever.’” by Josh Branstetter