Rebirth: Holistic Women’s Health

love your body. release shame. heal.

love your body. release shame. heal.

Words by GeorgAnna Wiley

50% of women experience emotional, sexual, or physical trauma. We hold this trauma in our bodies, manifesting as fatigue, anxiety, overwhelm, weight issues, poor boundaries, negative self-talk, sexual and intimacy issues. It morphs into shame, guilt, fear and pain which pills and surgery often don’t help. GeorgAnna helps women release this, rewriting your inner narrative to one of self-love.

Instead of a rushed 10-minute visit in a cold paper gown, Rebirth offers healing for mind, body and spirit in 30-90 minute virtual or in person visits, lounging on a velvet sofa in a silk robe. GeorgAnna actually wants to listen to you!

Rebirth brings women of any age natural options for primary care, gynecology, and functional medicine (balancing hormones and neurotransmitters), as well as annual exams, pap smears, birth control, family planning, natural fertility, genetic testing, pregnancy and postpartum help. She also offers existential healing for women to release stress, shame, negative self-image, fear of being worthy, and guilt that contributes to autoimmune disorders. GeorgAnna teaches popular courses on deeper healing, herbs, and health, as well as boundaries, speaking up, and consent. She specializes in helping women find deeper levels of healing using natural options, including food as medicine. Medications and surgery are the last option, not the first.

Every woman gets an annual gyn exam, but most dread going, fearing it will hurt. Women share that their experience with GeorgAnna is the most gentle, empowering exam they have ever experienced – many report literally crying with relief, and warm hugs after the visit are common. GeorgAnna is honored that clients send their daughters, sisters and mothers to her, declaring, “I can think of no bigger compliment!” No wonder she has been a Savannah healthcare favorite for over 15 years!

Enjoy fun education @Happy Vaginas on social media, and check out the podcast. Watch for Rebirth’s upcoming herbal line tailored to women’s health and stress, as well as courses. Enjoy your body!

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