Pralines that compete with Grandma's

It’s no secret. My husband and I have a sweet tooth. Always have and always will. There’s no point in even trying to resist it. So, true to form, we were drawn like a magnet to River Street Sweets during a recent birthday escapade in Savannah.

Giddy and bright-eyed, we strolled through the candy shop and pointed at the confections sitting beyond the glass. But all the browsing stopped when we saw an employee making the pecan pralines. The little puddles of nutty goodness were perfect. And it was official. We just had to try it.

See, my husband’s grandmother, who we lovingly call Meme, lives in Nashville, but is a Louisiana native. Her pralines are little pieces of paradise. So, thanks to her, we know a good praline when we taste one and the standards are set high.

We were serviced, bought the praline (and a white chocolate peanut cluster. Yum!), and found a sitting spot across the street on the river with our goody bag. We split the praline and dug in.

After that first bite, we sat in silence and analyzed. I don't know about my husband, but I like to have the sugary cast dissolve in my mouth before biting the nuts. That sugary cast turned out to be flavorful and the nuts were extremely fresh.

We ruled the pralines from River Street Sweets to be at top of our list.

They possibly were not as tasty as Meme's, but it was a close match.

We may have to go back to River Street Sweets to try more in order to declare a winner.