Perry Lane Hotel On Top

The Perry Lane Hotel was named a top property in the world, appearing on "Travel + Leisure's 500" list. Three cheers for Southern hospitality!

Perry Lane

Savannah, Georgia is a mecca of exceptional hospitality, especially when it comes to luxury, stylish hotels. Therefore, it is no wonder that Savannah’s own Perry Lane Hotel is landing on lists among the top properties in the world. Congratulations to Perry Lane for setting a standard of excellence for Southern hospitality on a global stage.

Perry Lane Hotel is consistently on South magazine’s radar with its unrelenting style and elegance. South covered Perry Lane’s grand opening in 2018, highlighted the hotels elegant offerings with “Let Me Take You To Perry Lane,” and named the hotel one of “South’s Greatest Destinations of 2020” shortly after. The Perry Lane Hotel is part of Savannah’s “Hotel Revolution,” contributing to a class of top-tier hotels and continuing a tradition of refined Southern hospitality. Of course, we’d be remiss not to reiterate how much we Savannahians love the Peregrin Rooftop Bar and Emporium Kitchen & Wine Market…

…So it’s no mystery as to how Perry Lane ended up on “Travel + Leisure’s 500” list, including the best properties worldwide. Here is the statement from Perry Lane Hotel:

“We are excited to share with you that Perry Lane has been named on “Travel + Leisure’s 500″ of 2021, a list which includes the best properties worldwide. With there being so many fantastic hotels around the globe, to be named one of the best in the world is a truly wonderful feeling for our team here at the Lane. We are immensely thankful to all those who visit our wonderful city and allow us to be your hosts. We will always strive for excellence in Southern hospitality, and to make your time with us a truly memorable experience.”

Congratulations again to Perry Lane! To learn more, visit them at