Outdoor Dining Innovations You Need to Try

Savannah is starting to see some creative outdoor dining innovations as temperatures drop lower. Check out these “igloos” and “yurts.”

You’ve probably seen images of outdoor dining tables encased in tents and plexiglass, arranged under twinkling lights and heat lamps with seats draped in furs or blankets. These creations are beginning to make their way south and have been popping up around the Hostess City.

Check out the latest outdoor dining innovations pitched around town!

Photo: The Yurt Village at The Grey, partnered with Resy and American Express

The Grey

The Grey has partnered with American Express and Resy as one of 13 restaurants in the program to add heated outdoor dining tents, called “yurts,” to their dining experience. The yurts will be available through the end of February in The Yard at The Grey, will—of course—be heated and will feature a special prix-fixe Yurt menu. All reservations must be placed through Resy and require an Amex card for booking. Reservations can be made 30 days in advance with the price per person at $125 (+tax and service charge) for dinner and $75 for brunch. Check out The Grey online for more information and booking questions.

Photo: Courtesy of The Lost Square, inside the igloos

The Lost Square Rooftop Bar at The Alida 

The “igloos” at The Lost Square, The Alida hotel’s rooftop bar, are Savannah’s latest outdoor pop-up installment. These transparent tent-like structures come complete with the perfect winter wonderland ambiance and overlook the beautiful Savannah skyline and riverfront. Furnished with couches, lounge chairs, faux fur accents, mini evergreens and tables under string lights, these igloos can accommodate groups of up to six. Igloos are available for 90-minute preset time slots and can be reserved with a $100 food and beverage minimum Monday through Thursday or $200 minimum Friday through Sunday. Reservations can be made here, or visit The Lost Square online for more information.

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