Hotels: The Revolution Lives at The Alida



The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the travel industry like a nuclear bomb, with hotels taking the brunt of the impact. In Savannah, the pandemic came just as the city was in the midst of a hospitality revolution. And it takes more than one defeat to end a revolution. 


Named after celebrated preservationist, Alida Harper Fowlkes of the Harper Fowlkes House, The Alida Hotel celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of its patron namesake. It is artisanal but contemporary, honoring a storied past while meeting the demands of modern travelers. With a boutique shop in the lobby, the hotel lets guests sample Savannah’s maker culture before ever leaving for a day spent exploring the city.


Guests are perfectly positioned to discover Savannah’s Southern hospitality and storied River Street with the warmth of its guestrooms and dining spaces steps away. Hardwood floors and expansive windows give the guestrooms a traditional, yet contemporary respite filled with light and warmth.


Rhett, The Alida’s signature culinary offering, serves up Southern dishes with a modern twist, inviting guests to try fried green tomatoes and taste Carolina gold rice in a familiar all-American presentation. Their rooftop bar, The Lost Square, recreates the conviviality of Savannah’s historic squares if they were only elevated a few stories to overlook the river.


With respect for the past and an eye for the future, The Alida reflects not only the spirit of Ms. Harper Fowlkes but of Savannah as it is today.


At The Alida, no two rooms are alike, as each room features one-of-a-kind pieces from the Savannah College of Art and Design amidst a refreshing neutral base, ideal for a relaxing stay. Rates begin at $199.


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